1.27mm Ptch FFC cable

Advantage of 1.27mm pitch FFC cable are Small size, light weight, the design of the cable board is used to replace the larger wiring harness wire. In the current patch electronics assembly board, the insulation material FFC cable is usually to meet the miniaturization and mobility requirements Of the solution. By using the 1.27mm ffc cables, the total weight and volume of the cable is reduced by 70% compared to conventional round wire harness. The cable can also be increased by using the reinforcement material or liner method to obtain Additional mechanical stability.


When the circuit of the circuit is too complicated and the single layer board can not be routed or need copper foil for grounding shielding, you need to choose double or even multilayer fpc cable. Multilayer fpc cable have the holes connecting the layers of copper foil. This is a typical difference of single layer fpc cable .

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