Miniature Coaxial LVDS Cables

A kind of LVDS technological wire cable, commonly used in TV and computer and other displayers for its application, is generally called screen cables. Such kind of screen cables have many technological characteristics, for example, it requires low power consumption, low inter channel interference and low radiation. Moreover, the wire cables can meet the requirement of low shaking and fluent signal in some electronic device system. This cable is well manufactured to be miniature and coaxial to meet the specification in practical use.

lcd display cable4

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FPC Cables of a Newer Generation in Smart System Products

It is generally believed that the concept of smart system products shown in the fair last week simply turns out sensational. However, the enterprise related stated that it was only a preheating step.

The official publishment of high-class smart system electronic products will be on Jan 7 in the International Consumptive Electronic Product Show, the CES held in Las Vegas. The smart system products will be the leading parts of the CES 2014.

A great many gigantic electronic manufacturers from home and abroad attend the fair of smart system products. And naturally the CES 2014 focus on the smart system products as well. Currently, we might as well predict that the smart system products shown in CES will include, camera based on Helpouts’s research from Google, Displayer from Sony, smart system glasses from Lumus, smart system watch from Galaxy Band, and products from Microsoft, etc. One very unique product from last year’s fair, the smart system Hapifork was very impressive.


All the above mentioned products contain reliable electronic cables, like FPC cables of a newer generation. The cables have been put into a very wide application, especially in the smart system products.

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Design Solutions of Flexible Printed Circuit

When it comes to the design solutions of flexible printed circuit, it can simply drawn as the following instruction. In the aspect of circuit cable, especially for the bending part, there is much restriction for it. The lifespan of the cable would sharply drop if the it is not designed in a proper way.

May FPC 1

For the bending area, in principle, single-sided FPC should be used. However, when double-sides FPC needs to be used for complicated circuits, the following points have to be paid attention to.

First of all, see if the thru-hole can be omitted, because the electroplate for thru-hole would have bad effect on cable’s tortuousness. Secondly, if thru-hole is a must, quit copper plating for the thru-hole in the bending part. Thirdly, put single-sided FPC as the bending part, then combine with double-sided FPC together as one.

Components Had Been Demonstrated in IEEE Radio Wireless Week Held in Newport Beach

Toshiba has recently developed and launched a new model of FPC coupler which is the smallest wireless communication module with the thinnest FPC based on wireless transfer technology.

With the two product combined, they can be applied to smartphone mobile device, where the maximum data transfer rate 375Mbps can be achieved. Early in January, 2014, these components had been demonstrated in IEEE Radio Wireless Week held in Newport Beach, California.


Naturally, this module and coupler are the best choice for many minitype razor-thin mobile devices. The components are anticipated to be used widely. The technology is about LSI which meets the standards of FPC cable technoglogy embedding into the module.

Competition Urges the Improvement of Electronic Cables and Components

Along with the development of high-tech in computer, newer and newer notebooks are full of creative design and reliable and practical performance in the market. Because they realize that the instantanesous leading place will not last for good, they need to keep on researching and developing. Such progressive thoughts fundamentally boost the improvement of innovation in computers. No wonder great peots said great creation stems from crazy ideas. Hence, in the coming future, there must be great changes in the design and application for computers.

Being indispensable to computers, the electronic cables will also meet with great changes, as far as cables manufacturers are concerned. Like a new notebook just shown to people on the goods shelf, has totally replaced the flexible flat cables. It is definitely conducive to the configuration and operation for the notebook. The notebook manufacturer customize the FFC cables according to designated suitable specification for the notebook.


The above-mentioned information is all revealed in abstracts from electronic reported released in industrial magazines and other media. The information points out the importance of electronic cables and components in the application of computer, which enlightens a lot of people working in this line. The fierce competition stimulates the growth of technology, simultaneously, pushes the improvement of electronic cables and components to a large extent.

Unique Cables Used Widely in Electronic Instruments

Electronics manufacturers are found to be inclined to place orders for electronic cables from reliable cable manufacturing factories as the electronic manufacture grows so rapidly.

It is imaginable that the electronic cables are closely related to the whole electronic manufacture. In view of this, the authority concerned implements strict management and industrial standards on the electronic cables in hope of a bright future of its development tendency.


Flexible flat cable, made of tinplate flat copper and special PET insualative material, is capable of transfering signal and data, and connecting for electronic equipments. This unique cable can be used in a wide range. As usual, this cable can found in computers, printers, scanners, medical equipment and other industrial devices.

When used in medical equipment, for instance, an equipment manufacturer claims that they are making efforts to bring new inventions on medical machines. For the circuit cables of the machine, they use soft and steady FFC cables which are helpful to the operation of the machine.

Face the Electronic Cable Reformatory Tide

As the economic authority concerned declares, China’s electronic manufacture in mainland region has a full recovery. And now, by and large, the marketing situation is stable after the long depressed market. What’s more, the media added that China’s electronic manufacturing cables and components export volume index has risen significantly, whereas import declines. China’s electronic cables and components manifestly exceed those imported from any other country in a way because China herself is a gigantic manufacture country.

For electronic cables and components, foreign purchasers are looking for reliable manufacturing factories and excellent and stable wire cables. Different from other products, it is electronic wire cables that are customized according to customers’ practical need.

FFC is made of a kind of PET insulative material and a thin tin-plating flat copper wire. Indeed, such material is beneficial to the cable’s function and its installation in products. And the cable is suitable for precise instruments because the cable is thin, bendable and foldable.


Now cable manufacturing factories are carrying out a reform on specific custom specification, like, pin contact, pitch, length ect. In the cable design and manufacture reformatory tide, some experienced and reliable factories will surely become the overmatch in the cruel competition to enhance their position in this business.

Trustworthy LVDS Wire Cables’ Application in TV Manufacture

During a large-scale international electronic and industrial device fair in Hong Kong, Toshiba, the prestigious great brand in the business of electronic, claimed that they officially released a new TV. Look at the whole outline design of the TV, it looks gorgeous. This TV is characteristic for narrow screen frame design. Moreover, the TV simply supports online video platform, one key VOD function, abbreviated for video on demand, and USB supports music format MP3 and image format JPG.

This multifunctional LED smart TV has a 1920*1080 full HD resolution, 42 inch wide network screen with HD hard panel. And this screen is well configured a sort of advanced domestic LVDS type screen wire cables which a great majority of TV and computer manufacturers adopt from cable manufacturing factories. Usually, the factories supply custom wire cables which can be divided into point to point, one point to more point connection modes LVDS wire cables. In addition to the cables, the TV also has a visual angle of view function with best distance to watch such a wide screen is approximately 4 meters.

Toshiba, as is known to all, is mainly enaged in PC, but now has covered LED televison. Toshiba people have all the way devoted themselves to developing, manufacturing and selling reliable, safe and convenient high-tech products and provide most thoughtful services and relevant practical technological solutions.


Are You Looking for the Trustworthy LVDS Screen Cables


It’s pretty important for an electronic wire cable manufacturing factory to provide millions of big electronic product manufacturers with wire cables as per customers’ designated cable specification. And such small and medium-sized factories can receive numerous orders annually.

One of the most frequently seen wire cables the factories supply is the trustworthy LVDS screen cable. This screen cable is as usual explained like some kind of differential signaling of low voltage. The cable basically transfers signal and data for the application in TV and computer displayer by low voltage swing high speed of differential motion.


A majority of TV and computer manufacturers are in need of custom wire cables which can be divided into point to point, one point to more point connection modes LVDS wire cables. Since they launched the cooperation mode by purchasing cables from suppliers, they have well resolved the relevant issues on electronic accessories.

For a long period, many major manufacturers have successfully established stable long term relationship with cable manufacturing factories for HD TV cables, computer screen cables etc.

Cable Manufacturing Will Expand the Coverage of Cable Supply

With the improvement of people’s living standards, advances in wire cable customization manufacturing have given rise to LVDS screen cables that meet specialized purposes and are increasingly productive, but this needs expert management.

When a certain wire cable manufacturing factory receives substantial orders, it is vital for the factory to supply cables that are based on customers’ requirement on cable specification to millions of large electronic corporations. This is generally considered to be a sustainable cooperation mode in the long term, which has simutaneously hugely changed the original electronic accessory and cable sales market.

It is supposed that cable manufacturing will expand the coverage of cable supply. That is to say, by and large, the output of cable by factories will be more and more considerable as long as the clock swings its pendulum.