Molex released RF DIN 1.0 / 2.3 connector system

The world’s leading supplier of a full range of interconnect products Molex has announced the launch of a high-performance connector system is designed so that the video, commercial broadcast and telecommunications industries mating PCB developers to send a variety of RF circuit board via a single component in the form of signal, taking into account the space constraints. RF DIN 1.0 / 2.3 modular backplane systems raised plastic shell has a unique design that can reach up to 10 port expansion capabilities, thereby enhancing the right angle PCB mating flexibility.
John Hicks Molex product manager, said: “In the convergence of video, data and voice applications, system designers have been seeking ways to improve performance and consolidation space .RF DIN1.0 / 2.3 modular backplane systems to provide them suitable for compact spaces ultra compact solution, and a method for providing an excellent RF signal routing. ”

The modular board-to-board system provides a variety of options, including standard four-port, 75 Ohm contact type models or custom 6,8 and 10-port 50 Ohm contact-type models, DIN 1.0 / 2.3 interface enables maximum 1.00 mm axial engagement tolerances, mating at right angles to the PCB to provide users with greater flexibility. RF DIN 1.0 / 2.3 backplane system is on the market that can be used to increase the frequency from DC to 3 GHz board-to-board applications, content backplane systems, and thus is suitable for cable television (CATV), wireless communication systems and high-density applications. The connector also has a push-pull for quick installation engaging design, and an RF contacts engage before rolling to prevent the destruction of the plastic housing.

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Molex design a new subsidiary of the communication module for high-speed deterministic communication

Brad SST communication module is designed to handle data exchange up to 244 characters for Rockwell (Rockwell) ControlLogix system of slave connected to PROFIBUS networks, Brad SST communication module SST-PB3S-CLX-RLL, SST-PB3S -CLX-RLL-CC and SST-PB3S-CLXT-RLL via PROFIBUS PNO certification, and * environment is fully compatible with Rockwell Automation’s integrated Architecture (Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture). The module can provide customized plug-in configuration file for Rockwell’s RSLogix * 5000 and Studio5000 *, and template configuration for easy filling. Dedicated PROFIBUS Slave module contains a rolling character LCD display and a built-in LED, can display systems, communications and network status, simplifying implementation and diagnostic process users. Custom plug-in configuration file Logix programming environment eliminates the need for ladder logic, configuration and data transfer between the Brad SST module and processor can be realized. Support section provides guidance video, demonstrating the extent to which these modules are easy to implement.
George Kairys Molex global product manager, said: “After a combination of open Rockwell connectivity and high-speed deterministic communications for Rockwell ControlLogix the Brad SST communication module in the standard harsh, corrosive industrial environments via PROFIBUS DP-V0 networks can rationalize automation equipment performance, and optimize such module enables customers to quickly configure and access the data through the ControlLogix CPU, thereby significantly reduce debugging time. ”

Kairys added: “Molex’s Brad products for industrial infrastructure provides a powerful capability .Brad communication network interface, remote scanner and diagnostic tool designed to simplify the installation process and provide long-term reliable performance in harsh environments, has been fully integrated to Rockwell integrated Architecture in a few decades, we in the industry-leading product lines for many users PROFIBUS provide excellent performance for their PROFIBUS network capacity needs, bringing a high level of value and customization solution. ”

Molex is a global partnership of Rockwell Encompass partner, Rockwell Automation controllers connected areas of product leadership. Brad SST communication module with high design flexibility to support a variety of network model, suitable for many tasks industry networks, fieldbus requirements, and is suitable for a range of various factory automation, process control and complex mechanical applications.

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Advantages of the connector

Connector enables the design and production process more convenient, more flexible, lower production and maintenance costs.
Connector benefits:
1, to improve the production process
Connectors simplify assembly of electronic products. Also simplifies the production process;
2, easy to maintain
If a failure of an electronic component parts, when fitted with connectors can quickly replace failed component parts;
3, easy to upgrade
As technology advances, you can update the component parts when fitted with connectors, replaced with a new, better component parts old;
4, to improve the flexibility of the design
Use connector enables engineers in the design and integration of new products, as well as meta components when the system has greater flexibility.

Founded in 1995, Colorsunny Electronic Co.,Limited (China) Electronic CO., Limited is an engineering and manufacturing company focus on Precision Connectors, cables, signal wires and enclosures for computers, digital products, Medical equipment, war industry, finance products, telecommunications industries, and household appliance.

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High quality LVDS cable transmission standard

Use brief LVDS cable, and we know Low-Voltage Differential Signaling low-voltage differential signal, and to how to identify if it is high-quality LVDS cable or not?

A signal transmission mode in 1994 made ​​by National Semiconductor, which is a standard, it will have very low power consumption to provide high data transfer rates, while, in addition it also has many other advantages:
A low voltage power supply compatibility;
2, low noise;
3, high noise immunity;
4, a reliable signal transmission;
5, can be integrated into a system-level IC;

Using LVDS technology product data rate can be from a few hundred Mbps to 2Gbps. It is the current drive by placing a load on the receiving end and get the voltage, when the current forward flow, the receiver output is 1, otherwise it is 0, his swing is 250mv-450mv.

Founded in 1995, Colorsunny Electronic Co.,Limited (China) Electronic CO., Limited is an engineering and manufacturing company focus on Precision Connectors, cables, signal wires and enclosures for computers, digital products, Medical equipment, war industry, finance products, telecommunications industries, and household appliance. With experienced R&D team, advanced production equipment, and perfect management system, we can offer complete solutions for OEM/ODM projects, including mould development to finished products.

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New trends in mobile phone components

Rapid development and upgrading of mobile phone to mobile phone connector has brought more opportunities. According to the analysis in 2007 phone connector, battery connector, SIM card connector, FPC connector greatest demand, 50% of the total demand. Phone connector has increased demand for high-grade. Mobile Jiechayuanjian growth is expected in 2007 should not be less than 20%.

The current production of mobile phone companies have Jiechayuanjian about 20, such as AMP, Molex, Amphenol, Panasonic, Samsung, LG and so on. Domestic joint-stock enterprises and private enterprises have mobile phones supporting promising products, but because of the scale of production is not large, technical level is not high, so they do not come out the order hand, greatly affected the matching amount of increase. While some companies expressed in
2007 must be changed, but there may cause a decline in profits.

Most of the domestic mobile phone belonging to the low-level switch connector mature products, the need to further develop high-grade increment of production, some connectors and more needs to be upgraded to meet the development needs of the mobile phone market. A phone Jiechayuanjian least 10 matching amount, up to a maximum configuration of 25 or more. It is estimated that the total amount of 2007 matching between 3.5 to 5 billion or more. The main production concentrated in 20 companies around the industry, such as Molex, Tyco, Amphenol, Panasonic, Samsung, Foxconn, is Wei, real earnings, hung loose, even exhibitions, accounting for all the matching amount of 95% of the share.

Fine pitch, low magnification of a trend

The main phone Jiechayuanjian include: membrane keypad, ultra-small button switches, slide switches, phones built-in antenna, PDA smart phone antenna, I / O system connector with shell I / O system connectors, data and audio I / O system connector, SIM card holder, cell phone battery connector, RF connector, spring-type connector with headphone connection plug, charging jack, rectangular connectors, mobile phone accessories, cables and plug jack, interface and so on.

According to industry experts, due to the requirements of the mobile phone for slim and light, fine pitch and low times of high order become the trend of technological development, and the development out of the connector is also extended to other applications.

Phone connector is 0.4mm as the main force, in terms of height, the connector 0.4 / 0.5mm pin pitch 1.5mm height are measured from the mainstream, but recent 0.4mm pitch connectors have turned to high O. Trends in 9mm, and 0.4mm pitch connector 0.8mm high, this year will soon be developed to 0.4mm or less.

In the FPC connector, the current demand for 0.5mm and 0.3mm connector pitch doubled. Driven by phone, DSC, DVC, PDA and other small products, 0.25mm and 0.2mm pitch connectors have been developed production, strong demand for 0.9mm and 0.85mm height of the connector market has gradually become the mainstream.

Trends currently thin coaxial connector is 0.4mm pitch-based, and SMK connectors have been developed only 1.4mm high, because the extensive use of mobile phones in recent years, the camera function of the substrate and the liquid crystal portion the connection is more than cover miscellaneous folding phones, coaxial connectors demand can be expected.

In mobile phones and other portable products miniaturization, mainstream FPC / FFC connector products have been the transition to a 0.3mm pitch, vendors have turned to this area. Among them, high-Lin International Co., Ltd. (Unicorn) mass production of 0.3mm pitch FPC connector products for mobile phones, PDA and digital camera. The company believes that the market demand for 0.3mm pitch FPC connector will be a substantial increase, for which the company has established a factory in Jiangsu Province. Meanwhile, Shan Yang Enterprises Limited (SunnyYoung) also plans to develop a digital camera and LCD monitor of 0.3mm pitch FPC / FFC connectors. Currently, the company FPC / FFC connector total capacity of 500 million per month. Li River Enterprises (Pimrex) also in mid-2006 established a factory in Jiangsu Province, and is already in production, bringing the company can produce up to two ten million, delivery time is 7-10 days. In terms of products, high-lin International 0.3mm pitch FPC connector with a high temperature thermoplastic encapsulated copper alloys. The company’s latest FPC connector for a temperature range of 40 ~ 85 ℃, rated voltage of 30V, suitable for mobile phones, PDA and digital camera. In addition, the company also manufactures used in LED display and a CD-ROM 0.5mm pitch FPC connectors, and 1 ~ 1.25mm pitch FPC connectors.

Standards and environmental protection are key

Mobile components now widely believed to be standardized as much as possible, especially standardized I / 0 connector, a variety of interface standardization would like to move closer to ensure that different models of versatility, but also can control costs, reduce risks of mass production .

Accelerate the upgrading of mobile phones to make environmental issues in the public eye, choose Jiechayuanjian raw materials become critical. Material is light, thin, flexible, high-density becomes an important factor, but better conductive properties, to ensure the quality of calls and take pictures. Now connectors are used in the manufacture of copper and tin alloy manufacturing, in order to reduce pollution and meet the needs of lead-free technology. In addition, depending on the connection method, Applied Materials also change accordingly. When using crimp technology can be applied PBT plastics; surface mount when needed, is used can withstand 280 ℃ high temperature LCP material. I believe there will be a lot of new technologies to further meet the new requirements of mobile phone connector manufacture.

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