Molex launched new thin wire-to-board connector system

Molex Introduces New Lite-Trap SMT (surface mount technology) wire to board connector system with compact exterior dimensions meet the application requirements slim LED lighting module. The push-button connector height of only 4.20mm, compared with detachable wire-type connectors on the market today is one of the most compact form factor connector wires and lowest insertion force.
Molex product manager JB Jin commented: “Molex is committed to innovation, can reduce the height of the component on the circuit board connector system by design, good to meet the requirements of LED lighting manufacturer in order to achieve a thinner design, and reduce shadows or interference generated by the light source. ”

Lite-Trap connector termination method is similar to the use of a wide range of Molex Wire Trap Connectors, and also similar to some of the specific “probe into” products, but lower insertion force required to wire. Stripped wire can be inserted into the connector, then push to open the door double contact terminal design, you can “capture” live wires, thus providing a solid electrical contact and high wire retention. Lite-Trap connector also has a user-friendly latch design for operator convenient for plug without using any tools. These functions can be achieved under the circumstances required for the convenience of on-site assembly and disassembly effect, even untrained technicians available for immediate use.

Molex Lite-Trap connector Other features include a long wire insulation designed to achieve a stable wire positioning, to further ensure the contact effect of the contact, and innovative wire lock feature can help the wires into the correct the depth.

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