Top 5 Best Solid State Hard Drives for Upgrading Laptops


Adding a solid state hard drive is one of the beefiest upgrades you can give a laptop or desktop. And while solid state drives still haven’t seen their primetime with PC and laptop users, their price has dropped immensely, and to a point where those who have been interested in upgrading have the perfect excuse to invest.

These tiny 2.5 inch drives are easy to install in most laptop cases, and can easily be adapted to a 3.5 inch desktop drive bay as well. Installing one in your machine means reduced power consumption, better read/write speeds, a lighter and cooler machine, plus ever-important stability.

It is important to note all the different benefits that come from SSDs, as you can’t simply choose a drive by whichever has the fastest sequential read/write speed. In terms of speed, it is better to go by random read/write speeds anyway since that is a more realistic use, but each drive has its strengths and weaknesses.

That said, we’ve picked out five top drives that bring very few weaknesses to the table, while offering top performance and enterprise features at consumer prices. Check it out below.
While the indisputable performance champion of the consumer SSD universe is the Samsung Pro, it is its little brother, the Samsung 850 EVO, that is garnered as the best value in an SSD. If budget is not an obstacle, the Pro is an easy pick for any type of machine, but most users will get more value out of the 850 EVO, a cheaper drive which has most of the same features.

For one, the 850 EVO shares its light and compact 7 mm form factor with its Pro counterpart, meaning it will easily fit into most all notebook cases as an upgrade. Both also come with Samsung’s Magician Utility, which will clone your old drive with ease.

Both drives also have AES 256-bit hardware encryption, which is the level of encryption required for information systems of banks and hospitals. Hardware encryption is invaluable when up against spyware, as it protects against malicious code and brute force attacks.

The big appeal of Samsung SSDs, though, is their innovative 3D V-NAND technology (vertical NAND), which increases drive longevity and write speed. Samsung employs a 3D memory configuration, meaning that rather than line their NAND flash memory cells flat along the surface of a silicon wafer in a typical manner, they stack them into 32 layers atop one another.

Again, this mechanically translates to a faster and more durable drive. Drives 250 GB and smaller are rated for a total 75 TB written before they crash, and those larger are rated for up to 150 TB. Both of these are numbers that will never be breached by 99% of SSD users, and one that stacks up well against the competition.

Samsung’s 3D V-NAND drives also consume about half the power of 2D NAND drives, meaning they can improve laptop battery life further than other SSDs, which according to Samsung can be by up to 50 minutes.

This technology does not sacrifice performance either, as the 850 EVO sports an impressive 550 MB/s sequential read speed, and 520 MB/s sequential write speed. Its random read speed is 100,000 IOps (in/outs per second) and its random write speed is 90,000 IOps.

These speeds are only enhanced when enabling Samsung’s RAPID mode, which utilizes unused PC memory (DRAM) as a high-speed cache for improve performance. The drive’s automatically enabled TurboWrite also gives a remarkable boost beyond the capabilities of Samsung’s previous 840 EVO.

Short of missing an included spacer or mounting bracket, there is not much more you can ask for out of the 850 EVO. Is it the cheapest SSD out there? No. Is it an incredible bargain for top performance? Hell yes.

The Crucial MX200, successor to the wildly popular MX100, marks an upgrade across the board for Crucial SSDs. This 7 mm drive comes included with a 9.5 mm adapter bracket to fit in the place of a slim laptop HDD, and more importantly, several enterprise-grade data security features.

To start, the MX200 has one of the highest endurance ratings on this list, which means power users will be able to perform data-intensive tasks like video editing or data swapping without worry. Crucial’s 250 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB capacities have respective endurance ratings of 80 TB, 160 TB and 320 TB of data in one lifespan.

This longer life expectancy is good enough to offset our disappointment in the MX200’s measly 3 year warranty, but it is a shame considering that if Crucial supported a longer warranty on this product, it would be one of the most solid purchases in data storage.

The drive offers further fail-safing in their RAIN technology, which protects user data at the component level. RAIN disperses data on multiple storage components within the drive, making for a safe copy if one component fails.

Adaptive Thermal Protection technology is also utilized to automatically control storage component activity based on how much usage the drive is undergoing. This keeps the drive from overheating by only ramping the drive up to maximum power when needed.

The MX200 tops everything off with Power Loss Protection as well, which preserves user data if power is lost. But considering the high energy efficiency from SSD drives, losing power is expected to happen less often.

In terms of performance, the MX200 achieves a sequential read speed of 555 MB/s and a sequential write speed of 500 MB/s – fairly high. For random data access, the MX200 also impresses with a read/write speeds up to 100,000/87,000 IOps.

These high read/write speeds can be accredited to the drive’s Dynamic Write Acceleration, which allows it to switch between SLC (single-level cell) and MLC (multi-layer cell) modes depending how much data is streaming and where it is.

Crucial’s MX200, again, gives us just about anything we could ask for. The drive and the limited version of Acronis backup software that’s included make for a great deal for those looking for maximum performance and features.

The Transcend SSD370, while definitely on the budget end of the SSD spectrum, proves with that it can compete with other top drives’ impressive specs.

This 2.5 inch drive makes for an easy upgrade, as it includes a 3.5 inch mounting kit, which would be used for upgrading a desktop. Nevertheless, the drive will be an easy fit into a laptop at 7 mm thick, and it includes a cloning application in its included SSD Scope Utility.

The SSD370’s performance does not earn top numbers, but is still plenty fast with a max sequential read speed of 570MB/s, and a max sequential write speed of 470MB/s. Its random read/write speed are notably lower than other models at 75,000 IOps, but this is still leagues faster than an average HDD, which would perform in the neighborhood of 170 IOps.

The SSD370 also promises decent longevity with its built-in wear-leveling and its Error Correction Code (ECC), both of which help keep the drive working reliably. While this is another drive that is hampered with a small 3 year warranty, its endurance measured in TBW scores quite well.

The 128 GB version can write 150 TB; the 256 GB version can write 280 TB; the 512 GB version can write 550 TB; and the 1 TB version can write 1180 GB. That means for each drive, one would have to fill it over 1,000 times to exhaust its writing capability.

This alone would make the Transcend a more durable drive than the MX200, but the SSD370 loses points for not supporting certain encryption types out of the box. Its customized firmware does allow for encryption, however.

This drive also supports SATA Device Sleep Mode, an ultra-low power state that preserves battery life further. Given that all of these features come in at a price tag lower than the Samsung 850 EVO, this is a serious contender for anyone looking to make an awesomely budget PC upgrade.

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The Third Public Beta of OS X ten.11 El Capitan Is currently accessible


Following the discharge of the fifth Beta build of OS X ten.11 El Capitan for developers, Apple has started seeding the third Public Beta build of the forthcoming laptop software package for mack hardware to users worldwide.

As usual, the new Public Beta build of mack OS X El Capitan ten.11 doesn’t go with any changelog, aside from the same old line of text wherever Apple states that it’s a counseled update for everybody.

If you’re still on the stable version of OS X ten.10 waterfall and cannot anticipate OS X ten.11 El Capitan to be formally free, you’ll be able to jump ship nowadays by enrolling your mack to the Apple Beta Program for OS X.

We’ve ready associate degree in-depth tutorial regarding the way to install the general public Beta builds of OS X ten.11 El Capitan on your iMac, MacBook professional, or MacBook Air computers, therefore we tend to suggest reading it rigorously if you propose on upgrading.

However, we tend to don’t suggest change from a stable version to a pre-release one if you propose on mistreatment your mack in a very production surroundings and you wish all of your apps to figure properly. A Public Beta is targeted solely towards early adopters and testers.

Those of you WHO have listed within the Apple’s software package Program for OS X ten.11 El Capitan and have the previous Public Beta build put in, will update immediately their macks to the third Public Beta build via the Mac App Store application.

So stir up the app, move to the Updates tab, anticipate the new Public Beta build to look within the list of updates, click the “Update” button ahead of it, then click the “Download & Restart” button, and anticipate the update to be applied.

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Smartphone market booming, because of new vendors and rising markets


The smartphone market is experiencing steady growth, because of the flagship phones of key vendors and therefore the more and more cheap models, per IDC.

IDC says vendors shipped a complete of 337.2 million smartphones worldwide within the second quarter of two015 (2Q15), up 11.6% from the 302.1 million units in 2Q14. this is often the second highest quarterly total on record.

Following Associate in Nursing on top of average half-moon (1Q15), smartphone shipments were still ready to stay slightly on top of the previous quarter because of sturdy growth in several rising markets, IDC says.

In the worldwide mobile market (inclusive of smartphones), vendors shipped 464.6 million units, down -0.4% from the 466.3 million units shipped 2Q14.

“The overall growth of the smartphone market wasn’t solely driven by the success of premium flagship devices from Samsung, Apple, and others, however a lot of significantly by the abundance of cheap handsets that still drive shipments in several key markets,” says Anthony Scarsella, IDC analysis manager mobile team.

Premium handsets sold well in developed markets, but rising markets, supported by native vendors, drove the momentum that heavily contributed to the second highest quarter of shipments on record, says IDC.

“As feature phone shipments still decrease, vendors can still attack each rising and developed markets with competitive smartphones that ar each wealthy in options and low in value,” says Scarsella.

“While abundant of the eye is being paid to Apple and Samsung within the high tier, the smartphone market indeed continues to diversify as a lot of entrants hit this more and more competitive market,” says genus Melissa Chau, IDC senior analysis manager mobile team.

“While the Chinese players ar clearly creating gains this quarter, quarterly sees new brands change of integrity the market.

“IDC currently tracks over two hundred completely different smartphone brands globally, several of them centered on entry level and mid-range models, and most with a regional or maybe single-country focus,” Chau says.

Samsung remained the leader within the worldwide smartphone market however was the sole company among the highest 5 to visualize its cargo volume decline year over year.

The new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge arrived with mixed results as a restricted offer of the sting models didn’t keep up with the demand for the new bowed French telephone.

Older Galaxy models, however, sold wll because of discounts and promotions throughout the quarter.

All eyes can currently air the first unleash of the unfinished Note five and rumoured S6 edge and to return this August, IDC says.

Apple’s second quarter tried to be its biggest business enterprise third quarter ever with forty seven.5 million units shipped.

The larger screened iPhones together with the fast growth of 4G networks continued to drive momentum for Apple in Asia/Pacific.

As smartphone saturation continues to climb in several new developed markets, Apple can look to drive upgrades with rested “S” models within the following quarter, says IDC.

Huawei captured the quantity 3 position because of sturdy sales that semiconductor diode to a staggering forty eight.1% year-over-year growth.

Huawei’s mid-range and high-end models still prove booming with the flagship P8, Honor Series, and Mate seven handsets delivering property growth each within the client and industrial section.

Huawei can currently look on the far side Europe and Asia/Pacifc as its latest P8 fatless French telephone launched within the U.S. (as Associate in Nursing unsecured model) for under $250 earlier within the quarter.

Xiaomi continues to search out success because of each premium and entry-level devices just like the Mi Note and Redmi two handsets, that helped Xiaomi bring home the bacon a twenty nine.7% year-over-year increase.

Xiaomi is currently wanting to bulk up its scientific discipline portfolio to expand its reach even any outside of Asia/Pacific, beginning with Brazil.

Lenovo, the third and final Chinese OEM on the list, continued to witness success in several rising markets with entry-level and mid-range models just like the A600 and A7000, sold via net retail channels.

The Motorola whole continues to try and do well with the cheap second generation Moto E and entry-level to mid-range Moto G devices. The unfinished launches of a 3rd generation Moto X and Moto G look to air the horizon for the last half of 2015.


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Huawei probably To Launch Huawei Y6 Scale Smartphone On Gregorian calendar month thirty At $165


After reports on Huawei probably launch of its high finish smartphone Huawei Mate eight, surfaced on-line, some additional unconfirmed reports hint at the company’s plans to launch a brand new entry-level smartphone that’s expected to be referred to as the Huawei Y6 Scale. The smartphone, that is anticipated to be launched on Gregorian calendar month thirty, can be accessible at a tag of $165, in line with reports.

Huawei Y6 Scale is anticipated to sport a 5-inch screen with a resolution of 720 x 1280, that works out a component density of 294ppi. The entry level smartphone is probably going to induce power-driven by the flower 210 chipset with a quad-core mainframe and therefore the Adreno 304 GPU. Besides that, it additionally options one GB RAM with eight GB expandable storage, eight MP rear camera, a pair of MP front camera, a 2200mAh battery and mechanical man five.0 comes pre-installed with Huawei’s feeling UI running on high, reports The publication additionally mentioned that different probably options of the Huawei Y6 Scale embody 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth property.

Huawei recently launched its next Honor smartphone i.e. the respect seven, that is on the market in 3 variants. the bottom variant of Honor seven with sixteen GB storage and LTE has been priced at $322, the mid-range variant with an equivalent sixteen GB storage and twin SIM 4G LTE can value $354 and therefore the high finish variant with sixty four GB internal storage and twin 4G LTE SIM are accessible at a tag of $402.

On July 20, the corporate declared that it’s generated one hundred seventy five.9 billion yuan (about $28.3 billion) in revenue within the half of 2015, that may be a thirty p.c increase compared to an equivalent amount last year. Going by the information discharged by marketing research firm TrendForce, Huawei has grabbed seven.6 p.c within the world smartphone market in Q2 2015. However, within the extremely focused smartphone market in China, Huawei tiptop the chart with eighteen.3 p.c market share, followed by Xiaomi that has grabbed fourteen.3 p.c market share, in line with a CNET report.


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Dell XPS thirteen (2015, non-touch) review:


dell wowed the crowds at CES 2015 with its fresh redesigned XPS thirteen laptop computer, that squeezed a 13-inch laptop computer into what felt terribly near associate degree 11-inch body, and a lot of significantly, cut the edge close the screen right down to the barest minimum.

We aforementioned at the time that this was a system that captive the needle on laptop computer style, taking a cue from the past few generations of tv style, wherever screen bezels have already been squeezed to just about nothing. dingle known as it the eternity show and delineate it as “virtually borderless.”


Our initial review was of 1 of the higher-end configurations, with a 3,200×1,800-pixel touchscreen and Intel Core i5 computer hardware, all for a complete worth of $1,399 (AU$2,099 in Australia), whereas the bottom model starts at $799 within the U.S.A., and AU$1,499 in Australia. the united kingdom configurations square measure slightly completely different, and every one models embody the higher-res bit show, a lot of RAM and bigger SSD onerous drives, and begin at £1,049.

We likable the higher-end model we tend to originally tested and reviewed, appreciating its slick style, tight performance and extreme movableness. What we tend to did not see was a giant performance boost from the new fifth generation of Intel’s Core i-series CPUs, or battery life that was quite average.

Dell followed up by causation U.S.A. a lower-end version of the XPS thirteen, now while not the touchscreen and with solely a regular one,920×1,080-pixel resolution, however with the promise of much-improved battery life. commercialism down the resolution does not appear to be a giant loss in an exceedingly smaller 13-inch system, however not having a touchscreen could be a happening for anyone wanting to use Windows eight effectively, particularly considering that the touchpad on the XPS thirteen is one amongst the system’s few weak spots.


More significantly, the non-touch show during this $899 configuration loses the edge-to-edge glass overlay that the bit version had. The screen edge continues to be terribly skinny, however it lacks that unified, tied-together look and feel you get from one plane covering the whole front-facing panel of the laptop computer.

But that trade-off in style and bit brings with it a notable profit. This version of the XPS thirteen ran considerably longer in our battery life tests, running for quite twelve hours on one charge, whereas the high-res version ran for regarding seven hours on constant take a look at. that is a serious boost, and it puts the XPS thirteen in MacBook Air territory.

Saving many hundred on this configuration and obtaining radically improved battery life sounds like a win-win state of affairs, however I do miss the slick glass overlay and therefore the touchscreen. If dingle had associate degree middle version with a one,920×1080-pixel touchscreen and battery life somewhat near that 12-hour mark, which may be my excellent 13-inch Windows laptop computer.

abundant of the planning of this version of the XPS thirteen is that the same because the high-end version reviewed antecedently, and each take style cues from the last generation of XPS systems, with the same flat silver/aluminum high, gently rounded corners and a circular emblem sealed right within the center of the lid.

When checked out facet by facet with a 13-inch MacBook Air, the distinction is placing, with the Air’s thick edge standing out sort of a sore thumb. Dead area surrounds the MacBook’s keyboard, a minimum of compared with the tightly packed interior within the XPS thirteen.


While the outer surface is matte metallic element, the within is basic black, with a delicate dark pattern over the radiocarpal joint rest and black keys set into a black keyboard receptacle. The keys square measure backlit, that could be a welcome bonus in an exceedingly system this skinny and little. whereas on the shallow facet, the island-style keys square measure responsive and well-spaced for touch system. Media functions on the F-key row square measure reversed, which implies you’ll be able to regulate the amount and screen brightness while not having to carry down the Fn key.

The large clickpad-style touchpad is comparable to what we have seen on recent high-end dingle systems. It works fine for basic navigating and sound or clicking, however I additionally notice the all-important two-finger scroll to be not as sleek as i might like (or as sleek joined would expect from a MacBook). It felt notably electric sander exploitation Microsoft’s IE11 applications programme than in Google’s Chrome. Navigating up and down long websites usually sent American state to the touchscreen on the primary, higher-end XPS thirteen we tend to reviewed, however during this less costly, non-touch configuration, you are out of luck.

The 13.3-inch show features a nearly borderless edge-to-edge style, accessible in 2 versions, a 3,200×1,800-pixel bit panel and a one,920×1,080-pixel non-touch version. We’ve currently had an opportunity to check and use each versions, and that one you select makes a reasonably important distinction to the general expertise.

The higher-resolution screen features a shiny glass overlay that has bit management and additionally serves to make a single-layer sleek surface over the whole high panel of the laptop computer. The 1080p version features a matte end and lacks that cup overlay. meaning the edge is slightly raised on top of the screen itself, and you do not have one, level surface, however instead a screen that’s slightly inset.


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HP Omen 15-5110NR

HP marks their entry into the recreation laptop computer arena with the Omen fifteen that provides a solid recreation performance during a comparatively skinny and lightweight profile. It even packs during a touchscreen that several different recreation systems don’t have. The system is marred by variety of style selections like associate uncommon keyboard and trackpad layout that may need obtaining wont to and ports that area unit out of the means that build them somewhat tougher to use.
HP wont to manufacture some recreation specific laptops when it purchased Voodoo laptop. currently when having out of print the Omen name, power unit has recycled it with their new skinny recreation laptop computer. The Omen fifteen measures just below and in. thick and weighs over four and a 0.5 pounds. this is often one in all the lightest 15-inch recreation laptops obtainable. the form is incredibly wedge like that tapers from the rear to the front however conjointly angulate edges on very cheap sides that i will be able to mention once more later. The distinctive facet is that the chrome hinge that {gives|that provides} a small tinge of blue color to the perimeters that actually gives it a awfully completely different look.
Powering the power unit Omen 15-5110NR is that the Intel Core i7-4720HQ quad core mobile processor. this is often a awfully quick processor that enables the Omen fifteen to handle on the subject of any form of computing task. whether or not it’s laptop recreation or desktop video piece of writing, it mustn’t have any hassle in any respect. The processor is matched up with 8GB of DDR3 memory that provides a swish overall expertise with Windows however those victimisation it for a lot of stringent applications on the far side recreation would possibly wish to contemplate upgrading.

Unlike most of the recreation laptops that also accept arduous drives to produce an enormous quantity of cupboard space, the power unit Omen uses a 256GB solid state drive. This provides it with abundant quicker performance once loading up windows or games. The draw back is that the cupboard space is smaller than several different laptops. In fact, several systems during this value vary associated size area unit getting down to supply each an SSD and a tough drive to handle the matter. There area unit four USB three.0 ports to be used with high speed external arduous drives if you would like extra area. the situation of the ports is each smart and dangerous. {they area unit|they’re} all situated on the rear as a result of those angulate sides which suggests that the cables are out of sight however it conjointly tough to achieve. Like many more moderen laptops, there’s no optical drive that means you’ll ought to use associate drive if you would like to playback or record CDs or DVDs.

One major distinction between the power unit Omen fifteen and most of the opposite recreation laptops is that the show options a touchscreen panel. this might be helpful for applications outside of recreation however the feature tends to simply lead to extra power draw than practicality. The 15.6-inch panel uses the 1920×1080 resolution that almost all recreation laptops use because it balances resolution and frame rates. Brightness and color area unit smart however reflections area unit a lot of of a drag from the shiny coatings needed for the touchscreen. The graphics area unit handled by the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M processor that provides swish frame rates in most games with moderate to high detail levels.

The keyboard style for the power unit Omen is incredibly completely different from on the subject of the other 15-inch laptop computer on the market. First, it doesn’t supply a numeric keyboard. this is often not essentially dangerous because it provides extra area for larger keys. Instead tho’, power unit has enclosed variety of macro keys on the manus aspect of the keyboard. this implies that the keyboard is shifted a lot of to the correct which can tho’ off some users. It options a adjustable color backlight for the keyboard that may be adjusted to a large vary of color with multiple zones. The trackpad for the Omen fifteen is large and dwarfs on the subject of the other recreation laptop computer. It uses integrated buttons that isn’t shocking given the scale. It will fine with single bit gestures however has some problems with multitouch because of the sheer size. Expect to brush it at awkward times further.

HP has equipped the Omen fifteen with a 58WHr battery pack that they are doing not provide associate estimate in terms of its time period. In digital video playback tests, the system is ready to last simply over four hours before going into standby mode. this is often a little higher than a number of the opposite fifteen-inch skinny recreation laptops however still not the longest running out and away that is control by the Apple MacBook professional 15 that runs for double as long on a bigger battery.

Pricing for the power unit Omen 15-5110nr is roughly $1500 that isn’t too high however it’s slightly quite several competiting systems. The nearest system in terms of options would be the Lenovo Y50-70 because it conjointly options a multitouch show. it should use a thuslid state hybrid drive rather than associate SSD so performance could be a bit less however it offers a lot of storage. It is also a whole bunch less that many folks would be willing to require notwithstanding the Y70-50 weighs a lot of. the opposite similar possibility is that the MSI GS70 Ghost with a virtually identical value. it’s slighltly dilutant associated lighter than the Omen fifteen however it’s the advanateg of mixing an SSD and disk drive to urge round the issue with the cupboard space. It doesn’t feature a touchscreen and has somewhat less battery life than the Omen.


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This Is the most effective Windows Ultrabook you’ll get

The $1,100 dingle XPS thirteen is that the best Windows ultrabook for many individuals as a result of it’s a giant, lovely screen, the longest battery lifetime of any Windows ultrabook, an excellent keyboard, and an honest trackpad. Above all, it’s the littlest, lightest, best-designed ultrabook we’ve tested. we have a tendency to came to the present conclusion when seventy hours of analysis and testing with seven totally different ultrabooks.

Who is that this product for?

Ultrabooks area unit best for those who want a super-portable, long-lived laptop computer and don’t mind paying a premium for it. They’re overkill if you simply wish one thing you’ll leave on a table and use for a few of hours when work. the perfect ultrabook has enough process power to induce work done and comfortable battery life to survive a cross-country flight, whereas still being slim and lightweight enough to travel anyplace.

Our pick

Thinner and lighter than the competition, the $1,100 dingle XPS thirteen offers the most effective battery lifetime of any Windows ultrabook up to now, likewise as an excellent screen, a pleasant keyboard, and an honest trackpad—it’s merely the foremost machine within the smallest package you’ll get.

The XPS thirteen packs associate Intel Core i5-5200U processor, 8GB of RAM, a 256GB solid-state drive, and a shocking, 13.3-inch 1080p show in a very laptop computer barely larger than the 11-inch MacBook Air. our favourite version doesn’t have a touchscreen, however you’ll opt for a touchscreen model if you don’t mind payment additional and obtaining shorter battery life.

Although the MacBook Air remains unmatched in battery life, the non-touch dingle XPS thirteen lasts longer than the other Windows ultrabook. In CNET’s battery drain take a look at, the XPS thirteen lasted twelve hours, 6 minutes, compared with the 2014 MacBook Air’s sixteen hours, 26 minutes.


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iPhone half-dozen and vs. iPad mini 2: Well, THIS Complicates Things!


While erosion the iPad mini with membrane show and also the iPhone half-dozen and against Associate in Nursingother} isn’t an apples to apples comparison–one may be a pill and one may be a phone, when all–they each constitute that gray territory wherever their screen size makes it a troublesome alternative for those that need a kinda-small/kinda-big iOS device.

We’ll get to screen size during a bit, however 1st lets look because the options that area unit simple to match. On the storage front the iPad mini is technically superior as a result of it provides you a lot of choices, coming back in sixteen, 32, 64, or 128GB configurations whereas the iPhone half-dozen and comes in sixteen, 64, or 128GB configurations. You’ll notice the 32GB configuration is missing from the iPhone half-dozen and lineup. That’s the sweet spot for several users, however I will see why Apple set to ditch that and take the half-dozen4GB storage possibility at constant worth (it makes for a a lot of compelling argument for going from the low-end 16GB iPhone 6 and model to future version up –– you get 4x the storage).

But once it involves processors the iPhone half-dozen and obliterates the iPad mini. The iPad mini has the 64-bit A7 processor and also the M7 motion coprocessor. however the new iPhone half-dozen and options the 64-bit A8 and new M8 motion coprocessors.

The best issue regarding the A8 and M8 over their predecessors is that every chip is five hundredth a lot of power economical, that interprets into improved battery life. conjointly the M8 motion coprocessor within the iPhone half-dozen and currently includes a measuring instrument, that permits your iPhone to grasp the elevation you’re at–useful for chase step mounting or for a maps app to grasp that level of a building you’re on.

Speaking of detectors: the iPhone half-dozen and offers the bit ID fingerprint sensor, which now, once combined with the iPhone half-dozen Plus’ NFC chip, permits you to create payments via Apple’s new Apple Pay system. The iPad mini doesn’t provide bit ID or support Apple Pay in any manner.

In the camera department, the rear camera on the iPhone half-dozen and is far higher than the one on the iPad mini (the front cameras area unit nearly identical). The rear iSight camera on the iPhone half-dozen and has associate 8MP detector with associate ƒ/2.2 aperture and a real Tone flash. The rear iSight camera on the iPad mini has no flash, and solely a 5MP with a ƒ/2.4 aperture.

As for battery, the iPhone half-dozen and manages to eek out a pair of hours a lot of, on average, battery life than the iPad mini. a part of that needs to do with its smaller show, however another a part of it’s to try and do with the ability potency of the A8 chipset.

iPhone half-dozen and vs. iPad mini 2: show and Size
But the important distinction between the iPhone half-dozen and and also the iPad mini is in its show. The iPhone half-dozen and options a five.5-inch membrane HD show with 1920×1080 resolution at 401 pixels per in. whereas the iPad mini options a seven.9-inch membrane show with 2048×1536 resolution at 326 pixels per in..

No doubt regarding it, the iPad mini provides you a lot of screen assets with its additional a pair of.2 inches and better vertical and horizontal resolutions. however if we have a tendency to area unit talking regarding the pure quality of the displays, the iPhone half-dozen and is technically superior with 401 pixels crammed into every in. versus the iPad mini’s 326 pixels.

You’ll conjointly notice Apple calls the show on the iPhone half-dozen and a “Retina HD” show. That “HD” is there due to some newer technical school inside the show as well as dual‑domain pixels that provides it a a lot of correct color gamut, wider viewing angles, and better distinction.

The iPhone half-dozen and conjointly encompasses a new vertical homescreen layout therefore you’ll be able to tip it on its facet and use iOS’s home screen in landscape view–just such as you perpetually may on the iPad mini.

The iPhone half-dozen and is additionally diluent than the iPad mini coming back in at seven.1mm thick versus the mini’s seven.5mm thickness. each even have totally different height and length dimensions because of their differing screen sizes.

iPhone half-dozen and vs. iPad mini 2: therefore, that is best for you?
That’s not a straightforward question. Sure–if you would like a phone the solution is easy: you would like to induce the iPhone half-dozen and as a result of you can’t build calls on the iPad mini. however if you’re simply yearning for a massiver-sized iOS device selecting is difficult and is a lot of an issue of however large you wish to go?

Want a device which will work into your purse or pocket? Then it’s the iPhone half-dozen and. however if you wish a tool that offers you a lot of screen assets for taking part in games and browsing the online, the iPad mini with its additional a pair of.2 inches is perhaps higher. Of course, if you wish the higher camera, and also the latest and greatest technology like bit ID, Apple Pay, and NFC the sole thanks to go is that the iPhone half-dozen and.

See what I mean after I say it’s not easy?

But one issue that’s bound is currently that the iPhone half-dozen and has arrived and Apple is firmly planted within the phablet house, the corporate goes to wish to make a decision what to try and do with its mini pill. will it even work into the iOS device lineup associateymore? I’d argue it doesn’t and for this reason I wouldn’t be stunned if the slate is phased go in function of an iPad Air refresh and a bigger, a lot of enterprise-focussed slate in 2015.

Plenty of individuals have aforementioned a five.5-inch show just like the one on the iPhone half-dozen and is enough associated there’s no reason they might purchase each it and an iPad mini. i believe an oversized majority of iPhone half-dozen and users would conjointly feel this manner regarding the full-sized iPad Air.

So from here on out Apple must take a decent check up on the capabilities of its tablets and see however it will differentiate them and build them appealing to the people that area unit about to be shopping for Apple’s phablets. maybe which means pull a Microsoft and creating the iPad line move nearer to the MacBook line as a hybrid device, as all those iPad professional rumours have prompt. That certain makes a way a lot of compelling use case than simply as a tool that encompasses a slightly larger touchscreen than the iPhone half-dozen and.


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iOS 8.4 Problems: five belongings you got to understand


Apple’s spanking new iOS eight.4 update is here and it brings the company’s new Apple Music platform together with bug fixes and enhancements. And in step with some iPhone and iPad users, it brings some issue too. With those problems in mind, we wish to require a glance at the 5 most vital things to grasp regarding iOS eight.4 issues these days and going forward.

Apple initial confirmed the iOS eight.4 update back in April, shortly when it discharged the iOS eight.3 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod bit. The update wasn’t confirmed in an exceedingly web log post or on stage. Instead, it absolutely was confirmed because of a unharness for developers within the company’s paid developer program.

Earlier this month, Apple showed iOS eight.4 off on stage aboard Apple Music and iOS nine. And whereas the corporate confirmed a Gregorian calendar month thirtieth unharness for Apple Music, it failed to define a public iOS eight.4 unharness date. Up till these days, the update was solely accessible to those in Apple’s beta programs.
Today, Apple discharged iOS eight.4 into the wild and evidently, it brings new options on prime of bug fixes for lingering iOS eight issues. It additionally has brought some iOS eight.4 issues to iPhone and iPad homeowners within the us and in alternative regions round the globe.

Updates the dimensions of iOS eight.4 (100MB+) forever have the potential to own a large impact on iPhone or iPad performance. for a few users, iOS 8.4 can fix problems and supply sleek performance. For others, it’ll bring bother. The iOS 8.4 update remains simply some hours recent and we’re already hearing complaints regarding iOS eight.4 problems.

With these iOS eight.4 issues moving on unharness day, we wish to require a glance at everything you wish to grasp regarding these problems these days, tomorrow and next month. This roundup offers a glance at the problems themselves and a few steps to require if you are doing happen to run into iOS eight.4 problems on your device.

The iOS 8.4 update is simply some hours recent and we’re already seeing variety of complaints regarding iOS eight.4 problems. Most of those problems seem to be isolated although there’s forever a possible for complaints to grow as additional folks plan to install the iOS eight.4 update.

The fact that iOS eight.4 issues exist shouldn’t return as a surprise. iOS 8.4 arrives on a solid foundation when a long beta method however we’ve ne’er seen an ideal iOS update. iOS updates, massive and tiny, forever arrive with their own assortment of issues and that’s why you have got to be extraordinarily careful. one thing to recollect as we tend to push deeper into the year towards additional iOS updates and iOS nine.

We’re already seeing variety of complaints regarding iOS eight.4. The loudest complaints up to now ar regarding unhealthy iOS eight.4 battery life. Users have taken to Apple’s discussion forum and social media to complain regarding poor battery life when putting in iOS eight.4 and Apple Music:


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iOS nine Multitasking for iPad: this can be additional am fond of it


Sure, for a few folks, the iPad could be a lean-back type of device, for observance movies, reading books and fiddling with apps. For others, though, it’s a significant productivity machine; i do know varied those that use the iPad to urge work done. With iOS 9, due as a free update this fall, the iPad can take a significant discovery with the introduction of many new multitasking options. Here’s a glance at however those new options can work, supported the recently discharged iOS nine public beta.

iOS has had multitasking for quite an whereas currently — apps will run (temporarily) within the background, and might even get up and perform actions within the background. What iOS hasn’t offered before, though, is that the ability to show 2 apps at identical time. With iOS 9, this can be attainable — although to what extent depends on the hardware you’re exploitation.

While iOS nine runs on identical devices that might run iOS eight, these new multitasking options area unit restricted to newer iPad models. If you’re exploitation AN iPad Air or a membrane iPad mini — in different words, any of the new iPad models introduced in 2013 or 2014 — you’ll make the most of the new Slide Over and movie in image options. however the new Split read feature can solely work on the iPad Air two. (Though you’ll expect that any new iPads proclaimed later this year can virtually actually support of these options.)

Calling iOS 9’s new Slide Over feature multitasking can be cheating, however solely a bit. Slide Over enables you to keep AN app waiting simply off the proper aspect of your screen, able to use on a moment’s notice. you’ll use numerous apps unremarkably, however once you swipe your finger from the proper fringe of the iPad screen, the opposite app slides over (hence the name) to roughly the proper third of your screen. Your different app remains running, however it’s low-beam, indicating that it’s not the main focus of your attention at the instant.

When AN app is fell out, you’ll use it as if it were the sole app running. once you’re done, simply grab the handle on its left aspect and swipe it backtrack the sting. Your different app returns to full brightness and you’re right wherever you left off.

To choose AN app to be used in Slide Over, swipe it open. If you haven’t selected AN app for Slide Over, you’ll be prompted with a listing of apps that area unit compatible with the feature. If there’s already AN app running in Slide Over, you’ll modification it by swiping down from the handle at the terribly high of the app.

(Not each app on your iPad can seem within the scrolling list of Slide Over apps. Developers of third-party apps can need to modify their apps to feature Slide Over support. throughout the iOS nine public beta, you’ll solely see Apple’s own apps in there.)

Once you discover the app you would like to run in Slide Over, simply faucet its icon and it’ll launch. That’s it — currently you’re exploitation it in Slide Over mode. Swipe it away to the proper to come the eye to your previous app.

Another example of not-quite-multitasking is that the new image in image feature of iOS nine. Apple currently lets apps that show video do thus even once they’re not the first open app. within the public beta, you simply very see this at add campaign and therefore the Videos app, however there shouldn’t be something preventing Netflix or league Baseball from adding support for this feature, too.

To enter image in image mode, faucet on the new image in image icon at the lowest right of a video player. The video zooms back till it’s atiny low floating window, greatly like your own preview video seems once you’re exploitation FaceTime on iOS. you’ll currently switch to different apps, and therefore the video can keep taking part in. like FaceTime, you’ll use 2 fingers to size the video, and you’ll select that corner of the screen it’s anchored in. you’ll even slide it largely off the screen, if it’s quickly within the manner, and playback (including audio) can continue.

Even in image in image mode, there area unit playback controls. faucet on the video window to reveal a button that re-opens the supply app and brings the video into full-screen mode, a disruption button, and an in depth button.

Split Screen mode is that the massive one — this iOS nine feature enables you to run 2 apps at the same time in several sections of the iPad screen. It’s a giant task, one that almost all iPads aren’t designed to handle, that is why the iPad Air two (which has doubly the RAM of the other iPad) is that the solely current model that’ll do the duty.

To run AN app in Split Screen, you really begin by exploitation Slide Over. Then you bit the handle on the left aspect of the Slide Over app’s window and drag it left, toward the middle of the iPad’s screen. Your iPad can begin displaying 2 rectangles, one for the presently running app and one for the Slide Over app. Keep dragging to line the breadth of the 2 apps. you’ll have them share the screen 50/50, or have one in all them be wider and therefore the different narrower. (You will modification the breadth at any time simply by touching and dragging that handle.)

To leave Split Screen mode, grab the handle and drag it all the thanks to either aspect of the screen. That’s it. to vary the app on the proper aspect, do as you’d with Slide Over, and drag the handle at the highest of the screen all the way down to get a listing of different apps. to vary the app on the left aspect, faucet the house button and simply launch another app from the house screen. If the app supports Split Screen, it’ll launch along with your previous right-side app still visible; if it doesn’t, it’ll seem all by its lonesome.

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