Panasonic Toughbook CF-54 to supply AMD FirePro M5100 possibility


AMD has declared that Panasonic are mobilization the new Toughbook CF-54 with its AMD FirePro M5100 mobile skilled graphics. Panasonic claims the Toughbook CF-54 is that the world’s thinnest and lightest 14-inch semi-rugged portable computer.

AMD says that the FirePro M5100 graphics answer, built-into the CF-54 ‘Performance Model’, is right for professionals on the get in industries like automotive, telecommunications, construction, producing, mining and defence or anyone United Nations agency works in a very “semi-harsh indoor or out of doors environment”.

Combining the Toughbook’s legendary moveable strength with AMD’s FirePro M5100 GPU is predicted to be a boon to professionals United Nations agency want 3D acceleration in a very sturdy, moveable package. it’s instructed that architects, project managers and engineers are significantly enamoured by the new portable computer.

Karl Freund, chief, skilled Graphics at AMD same of the new laptop; “With the AMD FirePro M5100 GPU powering the Panasonic Toughbook CF-54 (Performance model), we are able to facilitate deliver digital computer-class performance in associate industry-leading semi-rugged package that mixes the most effective options of a desktop workstation for users on the go.”

Looking specifically at the AMD graphics half equipped within the Toughbook CF-54 Performance Model the AMD FirePro M5100 could be a GCN design GPU giving OpenGL, OpenCL and DirectX Support, ISV Certified responsibility, AMD Eyefinity, AMD Enduro and AMD app acceleration. it’s a most engine clock of 775MHz with 2GB of GDDR5 RAM on a one28-bit interface running at up to 1.125GHz, giving a memory information measure of up to 72GB/s. Peak single and double preciseness reason outturn is 992GFLOPS and 62GFLOPS severally.
Nvidia has determined that the battery in these tablets will overheat, movement a fireplace hazard,” the corporate same in a very statement. “The recall doesn’t have an effect on the other Nvidia product.”

Shield customers with tablets that match the sell dates will visit Nvidia’s information processing system to search out out a way to get new devices. Meanwhile, the corporate is asking individuals to prevent victimisation the recalled tablets apart from to copy their information and to register for the recall.

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Infinity may be a little standard portable computer that’s preposterously straightforward to upgrade


SanDisk can speak associate degreeyone through an SSD installation, however there’s a replacement portable computer that’s therefore easy to upgrade even your grandparents wouldn’t would like a caretaker. ever-changing its elements is as straightforward as swapping A battery.

This is the eternity, a replacement hybrid device from One Eduction. It’s a pill with a detachable keyboard, like Microsoft’s Surface or Asus’ electrical device machines. in contrast to those systems, however, the eternity isn’t a sealed unit.

Several of its elements ar designed into special modules which will be popped in and out: the camera, battery, and “core” — that contains the processor, RAM, and internal storage. The core is associate degree SoC, and One Education needs their final style to be ready to settle for over simply first-party modules. They’re getting to let eternity house owners come in DIY-modules victimization developer boards just like the Raspberry Pi, too, {which will|which can|which is ready to} be able to hook up with the system’s USB-C port.

It’s not the slimmest hybrid around, at 1.6 inches thick. The Infinity’s upgradeability is one reason for that, and therefore the different is that the machines ought to be a little a lot of sturdy. One Education (as their name suggests) is building the eternity to be used in faculties, and youngsters may be a bit rough on tablets and laptops.

The eternity can sell for between $249 and $299 once it arrives next year. the worth isn’t fastened nevertheless, as a result of One Education remains tweaking things. For now,it options a quad-core processor clocked at one.5GHz, 2GB of RAM, 24GB of storage, an 8.9-inch 2560 x 1600 show, and a 2MP camera. It’s additionally running robot straight away, however support for Windows and UNIX system is returning.

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iPhone vic leak offers U.S. hope iPhone 6s can correct major iPhone 6 ‘flaw’


With a couple of weeks left till Apple makes its 2015 iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s and official, additional and additional rumors claim to reveal bits and items concerning the coming smartphones. a brand new report from China shows a picture of a what seems like a cardboard output signal of future iPhone 6c, delivery some details concerning the reputed new 4-inch iPhone.

M.I.C convenience received from a supply embedded with a case producing company the image below. an individual is holding a paper model of the rear of a phone that has all the markings of associate iPhone vi. We’re staring at a round-edge style and a camera and flash placement and style that’s in keeping with the iPhone vi. Even the sticking camera ring appears to be there.

However, the paper model is meant to be smaller than associate iPhone vi. in line with the supply, it’s a 4-inch iPhone 6c mockup that case manufacturers are going to be victimization for creating accessories for the coming smartphone.

The device is purportedly launching either within the last week of Oct or within the 1st week in Gregorian calendar month, that is in keeping with what a recent leak originating from Foxconn claimed.

The leak says the iPhone 6c can have 16GB of storage and additionally mentions that the entry-level iPhone 6s may feature 32GB of storage, however this move appears extremely unlikely and former reports from solid sources recommend a 16GB model are going to be introduced next month.

Last year, the corporate received many criticism for projecting with 16GB storage choices for the iPhone vi, particularly considering the raised quantity of memory iOS eight required. Since then, some reports aforesaid the 16GB new iPhone can disappear from Apple’s lineup, tho’ Apple’s move associated with optimizing iOS performance in iOS nine indicate the corporate is additionally functioning on ways in which of still victimization 16GB as a base storage possibility for future iPhones.

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What is the BlackBerry metropolis all about? ought to anyone care?

If you prefer to browse informed the most recent smartphones then you’ll comprehend the rumors regarding a replacement golem device from BlackBerry. We’ve seen a couple of BlackBerry metropolis image and video leaks denote on Twitter by Evan Blass (@evleaks). The device is purportedly slated for unleash in Gregorian calendar month on all four huge U.S. carriers. So far, BlackBerry has neither denied nor confirmed the phone can run golem. Is it for real? And if therefore, what’s BlackBerry thinking?

The BlackBerry metropolis

If you’ve managed to miss the small print, the BlackBerry metropolis seems to be an oversized smartphone with a five.4-inch, 2560 x 1440 component, recurvate AMOLED show. Slide it up and you reveal a full physical keyboard. it’ll have a one.8GHz 64-bit, hexa-core flower 808 within with 3GB of RAM. There’s additionally utter AN 18MP camera with federal agency and a 5MP front-facing camera.

We know the phone is real, as a result of BlackBerry showed it off terribly in short at MWC back in March, however we have a tendency to don’t grasp the specs needless to say, and in the past it looked as if it would be running BB10. What has very gotten folks talking regarding it’s the concept it’ll run golem five.0 Lollipop out of the gate. this is often supported a bunch of more leaks showing Google services and golem apps on the phone aboard BlackBerry services and apps.

There ar many reasons to believe the metropolis can be BlackBerry’s 1st official golem smartphone, however we have a tendency to won’t grasp needless to say till the corporate really says therefore.

The rumor positively gathered pace in June when the BlackBerry corporate executive, John Chen, told CNBC, “We solely build secure phones and BlackBerry is that the most secure phone therefore, if I will realize how to secure the golem phone, i’ll additionally build that.”

The BlackBerry metropolis additionally seems like it can be the fruit of a more in-depth partnership with Samsung. At the beginning of the year we have a tendency to checked out the rumors regarding Samsung and BlackBerry. Samsung corporate executive, J.K. Shin, told WSJ, “We wish to figure with BlackBerry and develop this partnership, not acquire the corporate.” might Samsung be attached the BlackBerry Venice? It’s doable, particularly if those recurvate edges ar quite simply cosmetic.

As for BlackBerry moving its services and apps onto golem, we all know that’s happening no matter this phone. Take a glance at BlackBerry’s Play Store wares already. subgenus Chen was pretty clear at MWC regarding the amendment of strategy to push BlackBerry’s suite of solutions onto new hardware, “We ar attending to ensure our package addresses everybody’s phone — wearables, merchandising machines, a rice cookware in your house — something that has AN scientific discipline address.”

A BlackBerry metropolis that runs golem five.0 Lollipop, however with a novel BlackBerry veneer on prime, delivering larger security and a lot of pellet services, may be a definite risk.

As much as this is often all doable, would BlackBerry abandon the BlackBerry ten platform? It appears a shame as a result of the corporate finally got plenty right with BB10 and you’ll be able to install golem apps on BB10 devices, tho’ the expertise isn’t continually ideal. however no matter the deserves of BB10, it positively came too late. in keeping with IDC BlackBerry OS had a zero.3% share of the worldwide smartphone OS market within the half-moon of the year, down from zero.5% in 2014.

Some have instructed that the metropolis can are available in golem or BB10 versions. That appears like it might simply confuse potential patrons. twin boot isn’t very a viable answer either, it’s not specifically easy and there’s very little incentive for Google to agree. If BlackBerry desires success with this telephone, then it must have some mass market charm, however adopting golem might positively be understood as throwing within the towel for BB10.

Maybe the metropolis is sort of a reference device that BlackBerry will use to point out off a fuller integration of its services with golem and check out and beat up a lot of interest in package licensing. It can’t seriously be sporting that it’ll sell enough handsets to urge back within the game — that will go against what subgenus Chen has been locution regarding spreading BB’s package onto each device.

There’s slightly of a line to tread. If BlackBerry desires a significant hit with the BlackBerry metropolis then it’ll ought to have some major independent agency, however if it desires a lot of customers mistreatment BlackBerry package it’ll ought to roll it out on a lot of golem devices. The latter appearance a lot of probably.

A few reports have mentioned BlackBerry’s acquisition of AndroidSecured domains. strive typewriting into your browser and take a glance. It’s clearly regarding transferral BlackBerry Enterprise Security to the golem platform, that might positively be mutualist. golem has security problems, BlackBerry desires on to a lot of devices.

We took a glance at four ways in which BlackBerry can be distinctive on golem a minute back, however BES and BBM ar already on the market on golem devices and perhaps the BlackBerry Hub can be a part of them before long. In terms of standing out from the golem OEM crowd that will leave the metropolis with BlackBerry’s ancient assets – the physical keyboard.

That could really still be reason enough for plenty of individuals to shop for it. There aren’t plenty of nice choices if you wish a physical keyboard, tho’ the scale of the marketplace for them is debatable. Samsung’s inclusion of the keyboard case for the Note five and Edge and suggests it thinks that there’s some demand, and it additionally showing neatness displays however most pellet keyboard alternatives aren’t up to scratch.

The BlackBerry metropolis might otherwise be the primary official golem smartphone from BlackBerry first appearance nearer integration of BlackBerry services and golem, however we’d stunned if that was preserved as AN exclusive for the metropolis telephone. If BlackBerry goes to secure a sizeable slice of the golem pie it’ll got to bed with package not hardware.

Are you excited by the prospect of a Blackberry running Android? Iftherefore, what regarding it appeals most to you?


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Gigabyte P55K V4 review


Serious vice on PCs has ne’er been a very low cost hobby, however as powerful desktop rigs became cheaper, thus too have vice laptops that pack enough power to satisfy all of your vice wants.

Gigabyte could also be higher noted for its quality desktop motherboards than its laptops, however when emotional the less powerful GB P35K V3 into the wild earlier within the year, it’s back all over again with the P55K V4. that includes associate degree Intel Core i7 mainframe in addition to associate degree Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M GPU, you’ll be able to expect spectacular performance at a cut {price} price that undercuts the power unit Omen’s tag significantly.

Whilst the specifications could also be sensible price for cash, there’s barely enough detail within the P55K’s style for it to face out from alternative non-descript transportable powerhouses and create it a genuinely appealing gamer’s machine.

Whilst we tend to might not be addressing a style award competition or a slim model with beauty pageant potential, the P55K V4 includes a sleek sports automotive aesthetic which will attractiveness to young gamers, notably with the orange accents that flank the perimeters and hinges.

Whilst the angular lines and mean-looking grilles could look ever-so-slightly Lamborghini-esque, each in. of the P55K’s exterior is honed from comparatively uninspired matte plastic. this suggests there is a very little flex within the screen and a scarcity of the premium feel that you simply get from the most recent (albeit a lot of pricey) dingle XPS fifteen. beneath all this plastic may be a durable metal body, however you cannot facilitate however feel that a little of variance within the materials used on the skin would have created a giant distinction.

Open up the lid and you will notice that the plastic bezels on top of and notably below the screen also are rather giant, that sadly is critical to permit the lid to line up with the body; were it not for the powerful elements command at intervals, i’d have undoubtedly expected slightly less of the wasted house. while all-time low edge is home to zilch over the GB brand, the highest a minimum of plays host to associate degree HD digital camera and electro-acoustic transducer.

The life-size chiclet-style keyboard is responsive however quiet, and spans most of the dimension of the portable computer, that permits gamers many space to discuss commands or a lot of productive sorts to slog through a couple of thousand words. The keyboard – like such a lot of on gamer-centric laptops – is backlit with a blue crystal rectifier hue that creates it simple to search out the all-important W, A, S and D keys, or whichever alternative letters your game of selection may need.

The trackpad is incredibly spacious, correct and responsive, and it recognises the common gestures that Windows eight users are acquainted with; tho’ if you are a first-person shooter fan you’ll little doubt wish to plug a mouse into one amongst the four USB three.0 ports (two on either side). Of course, the GB P55K V4 is currently upgradable to Windows ten at no cost.

On the left edge there also are three.5mm electro-acoustic transducer and earpiece sockets, likewise as associate degree optical drive. an excellent Multi optical disk RW drive featured on our review model, which may be changed for a rewritable Blu-ray drive for slightly a lot of. The left edge harbours each HDMI and VGA video outputs, beside a network port and a rather monstrous fan grille. the sole alternative port warrant mention is that the Coyote State card slot on the front, however not like the P35K, there are not any extra drive bays.

Weighing in at two.5kg (5.5 pounds) and at 34mm deep it’s going to not be the foremost svelte of fifteen.6-inch laptops around, on the other hand with superpower comes… a couple of further millimetres round the waist.

The magnoliopsid genus shoot for V15 Nitro could also be skinnier, and also the expensive Alienware thirteen a lot of fashionable, however the P55K V4 has close to enough to face out from several of the opposite uninteresting laptops lining the shelves.

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Sorry, Apple: Samsung’s Galaxy Note five Is Associate in Nursing iPhone vi And vi and Killer


The review did persist to lament the dearth of microSD card slot and removable battery, like virtually each different review. If these square measure disabilities to the Galaxy Note five, they’re barely blips on the meter. The Galaxy Note five isn’t solely the sleekest designed smartphone breathing, it’s conjointly the most effective performing arts.

Unlike the Galaxy Note four, the Galaxy Note five, with its Exynos 7420 64-bit processor and 4GB of RAM, will whiz through programs. The speed is most noticeable on net browsers like Dolphin, wherever scrolling is as sleek because it is on the iPhone vi and vi and. there’s conjointly the attractive screen, that shines over each smartphone device ever created, even the Galaxy Note four. whereas it’s true that each phones have a Quad HD element resolution show, the one on the Note five encompasses a higher distinction quantitative relation and a lot of spirited colours.

While it’s intelligible that folks were upset regarding the dearth of a removable battery and therefore the proven fact that the Note five solely encompasses a 3000mAh battery (unlike the 3200mAh battery on the Note 4), they shouldn’t be. The battery life on the Note five clearly outdoes that of the Note four. Most power users can get a full day’s use while not having to recharge the phone. Non-power users will even get 2 days use. Samsung clearly was ready to improve the facility management capabilities of the Note five.

Do you just like the image quality on the iPhone vi and — particularly — the iPhone vi Plus? simply after you suppose a smartphone camera can’t get any higher, the Galaxy Note five comes on and shows the iPhone who’s boss. The 16MP camera on the Galaxy Note five takes footage that square measure a lot of colourful and stand out higher in lower light-weight than this iPhones. The Note five conjointly takes 4K video clips with stereo sound. sadly, the iPhone remains stuck on compressed 1080p videos with mono sound.

There is one space wherever Samsung ne’er matches Apple — music. Samsung’s devices haven’t had the highest quality audio drivers Apple will with their devices. They improved the drivers with the Galaxy Note four however didn’t continue the enhancements with the Galaxy Note five. notwithstanding what graphic equalizer settings you have got on either device, the iPhone simply has a lot of “oomph” to that. This was tested victimization top-notch over-the-ear headphones from each Satyendra N. Bose and Sennheiser on the iPhone vi and and Galaxy Note five.

Samsung urgently wants a success, and it positively has one with the Galaxy Note five. whereas it should not sell as several units because the forthcoming iPhone devices, the Galaxy Note five redefines the phablet — a class Samsung created and one that they’re still the most effective at.

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First Impressions: OnePlus a pair of brings style diplomacy along side associate degree improved camera


OnePlus a pair of was launched amidst abundant fan fare considering it absolutely was the primary video game launch of a smartphone ever. The phone packs in some spectacular specifications and conjointly has costs ranging from Rs twenty two,999 for the 16GB version. The OnePlus a pair of can launch in Bharat on August eleven. thus before we tend to begin talking regarding performance numbers, here could be a fast 1st impressions regarding the most recent flagship phone from OnePlus that it’s already touted as ‘2016 Flagship Killer’.
The OnePlus a pair of has redesigned the {sides|the perimeters} to some extent however the rear side causes you to feel reception. The arenaceous rock black cowl, that is currently simply removable, has that acquainted coarse feeling. The phone contains a slightly arched style on the rear that helps with the grip. the perimeters have gotten a golden treatment with champfering on the perimeters to grant it that elegant look.

On the proper hand facet towards the highest portion, you’ve got the power/standby and volume rocker buttons. the highest edge has the three.5mm audio jack and at the bottom you’ve got the USB Type-C port within the centre enclosed by 2 speaker grilles – that is new. On the manus facet you’ve got notifications notch known as the Alert slider, that contains a nice feedback to that. It permits you to management notifications by slippery it from bottom to prime.

The OnePlus a pair of comes with a five.5-inch show and at the bottom of it you’ve got a fingerprint scanner. it’s not a button in and of itself, however it’s a transparent rounded rectangular marking. this can be enclosed by 2 soft keys that illuminate once the phone is on. On the rear facet, the camera is placed bang in middle with a twin LED flash unit on prime and therefore the optical device optical device system below the 13MP rear camera.


OnePlus has cursed the five.5-inch full HD show for the OnePlus a pair of rather than going for the QuadHD show. OnePlus makes use of associate degree IPS panel and therefore the show appearance nearly as good because the OnePlus One. The show looked sufficiently bright though shiny. we are going to have to be compelled to watch movies on that to examine for any backlight haemorrhage and use it in daylight to check its legibility in bright outside things.

Chipset, RAM, Storage
The OnePlus a pair of comes with spectacular internal specifications. it’s high-powered by Qualcomm’s flagship flower 810 SoC that contains a quad-core Cortex A57 and a quad-core Cortex A53 and has the Adreno 430 GPU. this can be paired with 4GB of RAM for the 64GB storage variant. The 16GB storage variant OnePlus a pair of can go with 3GB of RAM. These ar topline specifications, and naturally once exploitation the review unit over daily, we tend to failed to notice any lag or block. Of course, we are going to be doing the whole universe testing of the phone.

Unlike the OnePlus One, the OnePlus a pair of has no gas stigmatization on its rear facet. this can be as a result of, the phone comes with golem five.1 with OnePlus’s own OxygenOS skin atop it. The OxygenOS skin appearance quite kind of like stock golem Lollipop style and contains a few refinements, like the oftentimes used apps and phone list on the left most swipe.

The OnePlus a pair of supports a twin 4G nano SIM card slot that is accessible on removing the rear cowl. because of the slots set below the duvet, you are doing not want a pin to get rid of the SIM card slots, you’ll be able to simply slide them exploitation your nails. aside from this, the phone supports Wi-fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth four.1, GPS with A-GPS, GLONASS and then on. One omission on the property front is NFC, that may are simply paired with the fingerprint sensing element to verify NFC payments. though this can be section} market segment in Bharat and not very relevant, globally that’s not the case.

With the USB sort C affiliation, the OnePlus a pair of are the primary phone to be merchandising therewith connecter in Bharat.

OnePlus a pair of has very dressed the camera department. You currently get a one3MP rear camera with a pel size of 1.3 microns. conjointly the camera can go with associate degree optical image device to assist you are taking stutter free pictures and videos. we are going to have to be compelled to see if this can be as spectacular because the one we tend to had seen on the LG G4. Another spectacular feature on the rear camera is that the optical device auto-focus mechanism. this could facilitate improve the main focus acquisition speed. However, the important take a look at of the rear camera can have it away low lightweight photography, that is was very not spectacular in any respect on the OnePlus One. On the front you’ve got a 5MP camera for your selfies. The camera interface is sort of completely different from the one seen on OnePlus One additionally.

The OnePlus a pair of comes with three,300mAh Li-polymer non-removable battery that could be a raise from the three,100mAh battery that was seen on the OnePlus One. Ideally, one ought to be ready to pull of a days value of usage on regular use, however we are going to have to be compelled to ensure that solely once reviewing the phone. conjointly the OnePlus a pair of doesn’t go with the Qualcomm QuickCharge feature.

The OnePlus a pair of has actually got off to an honest begin, once Carl Pei proclaimed the value of Rs twenty four,999 for the 64GB storage variant of the phone. Considering the value of Rs thirty one,000 was doing the rounds of on-line forums before the launch date, this can be a welcome modification. However, we are going to got to see however OnePlus has tackled the apparent heating problems related to the flower 810 SoC. There ar ton of latest things to undertake out on the OnePlus a pair of like the finger print scanner, interchangeable back and residential softkeys, the improved camera and then on. you may got to check back for the total review of the OnePlus a pair of that we’ve already started engaged on.

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ZTE Blade D6 With 13-Megapixel Camera, Android 5.0 Lollipop Launched


ZTE, when launching its premium smartphone dubbed nerve fibre within the United States of America, on weekday launched its mid-range ZTE Blade D6 within the current Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015. conjointly unveiled was the ZTE SmartHome platform. The smartphone’s value isn’t nonetheless better-known, however, the firm has mentioned the phone can reach Australia, Russia, and Japan “over future few months”, followed by alternative regions.

The twin-SIM dual standby supporting ZTE Blade D6 style profile resembles that of the iPhone half dozen and. The smartphone conjointly uses a top-quality aluminium 6013 alloy body and runs its own mechanical man five.0 Lollipop-based MiFavor three.2 UI on high. It homes a 5-inch HD (720×1280 pixels) resolution IPS show and is power-driven by a 64-bit one.3GHz quad-core Mediatek MT6735 processor. The processor is supported by 2GB of RAM and ARM Mali-T720 GPU, that comes as a region of the SoC.

The ZTE Blade D6 bears a 13-megapixel rear camera with dual-LED true-tone flash and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, that has Associate in Nursing 88-degree optical lens. Users would even have a bunch of pre-installed photography options like change of state choices, a smile shutter perform, high definition continuous shooting and automotive vehicle panorama and additional. The smartphone’s 16GB built-in storage is additionally expandable via microSD card (unspecified limit). The 4G LTE-enabled device includes Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and USB property choices.

Backed by a 2200mAh battery, the ZTE Blade D6 is half dozen.95mm skinny and weighs a hundred and twenty grams. The phone homes a ’3 in 2′ receptacle holder, which might take a Micro-SIM along side a Nano-SIM along. The Nano-SIM slot doubles as a microSD card slot further. The smartphone are going to be obtainable in Pink, Gold, Silver, and gray color variants.

ZTE at MWC Shanghai conjointly proclaimed its ZTE SmartHome platform, which might facilitate users connect with everyday use home devices like lightweight switches, baby monitors and additional. The users would be able to connect victimisation Associate in Nursing app with wireless protocol, ZigBee, and further as 4G LTE connections.

“We’re delighted to unveil each our 1st ever good home entranceway and also the latest rendition in our cheap premium Blade series at this year’s Mobile World Congress Shanghai,” same Adam Zeng, CEO, ZTE Mobile Device throughout the launch. “The good home revolution is quick upon United States of America, Associate in Nursingd our sturdy diary in R&D has allowed United States of America to deliver an innovative product to support this rising trend.”


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This iPhone Fell From 9300 Feet height, Still Works

Can you imagine a phone extant many thousand feet drop? Believe it or not however associate degree iPhone survived a drop from a lot of higher! in a very bizzare case, associate degree iPhone born from a height of nine,300 feet, nevertheless created through what appears not possible
Ben Wilson, a TX man of affairs, was flying from Houston in a very tiny craft, once a unforeseen call in pressure resulted in aircraft’s door to open by regarding 3 inches. The modification within the cabin pressure resulted in Wilson’s iPhone drop out of the plane, whereas he wasn’t still attentive to it.

According to NBCNews report, Wilson noticed a newspaper flew out, however failed to notice that his phone was gone by. it absolutely was once he landed at Kickpoo aerodrome in Wichita Falls, TX that he realised that the phone wasn’t around. He looked down on the ground to look for his iPhone, however could not notice it.

Wilson but found the phone mistreatment the notice My iPhone app, and settled it to be regarding eighty kilometers off from his location. He then drove back all the thanks to get his iPhone mistreatment the notice My iPhone and mapping apps. Wilson noticed his iPhone in a very pasture below a tree. astonishingly the phone’s screen was intact and it absolutely was operating fine.

The phone did get some scratches within the corners however was operating fine . Though, the report mentions that the iPhone was protected by a Mophie case with associate degree external battery, that got lost throughout the drop.


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Huawei Honor 4A vs Lenovo K3 Note vs Xiaomi Redmi Note vs Lenovo A7000: that Budget Phone to Buy?


Huawei has disclosed its Honor 4A smartphone tho’ it’s not declared a unleash date nevertheless. it’ll be fascinating to visualize however the model fares within the price-conscious Indian market, that is already crowded by budget smartphones that boast of enticing specifications.

Honor 4A is probably going to fall within the bracket of Rs seven,000-10,000 and can battle devices like Lenovo K3 Note (Rs nine,999), Xiaomi Redmi Note (Rs nine,999) and Lenovo A7000 (Rs eight,999) among others. it’s like Honor 4A can have a tough time competitive with those devices.

Let’s compare Honor 4A with Lenovo K3 Note, Xiaomi Redmi Note and Lenovo A7000:

Display: Lenovo K3 Note stands call at terms of show with a five.5-inch screen providing FHD 1920x1080p (401 ppi pel density) resolution, compared to five.5-inch screen and 267 ppi resolution seen in Lenovo A7000 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G. However, Honor 4A sports a five-inch screen with 1280 x 720 pixels.

Processor: Lenovo K3 Note and Lenovo A7000 ar supercharged by Mediatek [MT6752] Octa-core processor, whereas Redmi Note 4G homes a Qualcomm flower four hundred. Honor 4A includes a abundant inferior processor – Qualcomm flower 210.

Operating System: Lenovo K3 Note runs on mechanical man five.0.2 Lollipop (with ambience v2.5 UI), Redmi Note fourG has mechanical man 4.2 jelly egg (upgradable to mechanical man four.4.2 KitKat), Lenovo A7000 has mechanical man five.0 Lollipop and Honor 4A can go together with mechanical man five.1 Lollipop with feeling UI three.1.

Memory: Lenovo K3 Note comes packed with a sixteen GB internal storage expandable up to thirty two GB and a couple of GB RAM. Honor 4A has an equivalent feature except its microSD slot capability isn’t notable. The Redmi Note 4G has eight GB internal memory expandable up to sixty four GB and a couple of GB RAM. Lenovo A7000 has eight GB internal storage with microSD up to thirty two GB and a couple of GB RAM.

Camera: Lenovo K3 Note and Redmi Note 4G have thirteen MP main camera and a five MP front snapper, whereas Lenovo A7000 has associate degree eight MP main camera and five MP front snapper. Honor 4A has associate degree eight MP main camera and a couple of MP front snapper.

Battery: Redmi Note 4G has the foremost powerful battery – 3100 mAh – followed by Lenovo K3 Note (3000 mA), Lenovo A7000 (2900 mAh), and Honor 4A (2,200 mAh).

Conclusion: Huawei Honor 4A is inferior to the compared devices as so much as specifications ar involved. It ought to be sold-out in Republic of India with a well reduced worth to survive the competition. Lenovo K3 Note sure stands on top of the remainder.

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