Darlox electronic flexible printed circuit board intelligent factory is selected 2017 National Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration

The “2017 national smart manufacturing pilot demonstration project list” come out recommended by the local industrial and information technology departments. The State Ministry of Industry announced , Darlox electronic “flexible printed circuit board intelligent factory pilot demonstration” is selected. Darlox Electronics is the only one selected enterprises in Guangdong.


Darlox electronic “flexible printed circuit board intelligent factory” is based on intelligent, digital, information technology as the focus, the use of intelligent technology and equipment to enhance the transformation of traditional flexible printed circuit board processing process, through automation, information technology, Digital and other technology development, in order to achieve factory efficiency management, system fade, quality traceability and other functions to ensure that the flexible printed circuit board design and production of the whole process of real-time monitoring and intelligent monitoring.

Under the current international situation, intelligent manufacturing as the representative of the rapid development of a new round of industrial development, digital network of intelligent increasingly become the main trend of manufacturing. Hongxin Electronics actively respond to the call of the state, in accordance with the special action to determine the “side pilot demonstration, while summing up experience, while promoting the use of” the overall arrangement, the implementation of “Made in China 2025” and intelligent manufacturing projects, and strive for China’s economic growth momentum, Round of industrial competition to make a high point to make a contribution.

Darlox’s producs: Flexible flat cables  FFC Cables  40P 0.5mm pitch LVDS FFC Cable

Darlox Electronic new staff induction training reports

For all the new staffs, the induction training is a new starting point, adapting to the new organization’s behavior goals and working methods. Darlox opened the new training courses for young employees In May 15, 2017. Through the new staff induction training, employees understand the basic content and methods of work, so that they clear their duties, procedures, standards, and to their initial instill the business and its departments expect the attitude, norms, values and behavior Mode, etc.

Darlox’s training is to help the new staffs successfully adapt to the business environment and new jobs,

Teaching teachers are: the Huang hedan, Tang Jiayi, Wang Lianxi

The causes including welding, plug-in / plug-in, product inspection, screw, packing, electronic components and operating parts of the basic theory and practice.

Darlox’s producs: Flexible flat cables  FFC Cables  40P 0.5mm pitch LVDS FFC Cable

Darlox established long term relation ship with Midiplus

As a professional flex pcbs solution supplier, Darlox built long term relation ship with Midiplus which is an international manufacturer of MIDI Keyboard. Midiplus belongs to Taiwan Dahong wood instruments Limited committed to the development of MIDI related products. Midiplus production of multi series MIDI master keyboard is exporting to Europe and America.

Darlox offering an special flex pcbs which can resolve complex technology that anti-interference. The Midiplus Highly valued Darlox’s professional business and perfect products. The cooperation is meaning that Darlox’s R&D capacity come to a top rank.


Darlox’s producs: Flexible flat cables  FFC Cables