6-inch flexible AMOLED display technology integration module and PEDOT touch panel

In the PI (polyimide) film made 6-inch flexible touch panel PEDOT no need to use an etching process and marks “multipurpose flexible electronic substrate technology” (FlexUpTM). Flexible test, the change in resistance after the PEDOT electrode 10K flexing test fell by 1%.

Flexible Test

PEDOT electrode application flexibility on FlexUpTM PI film needs to be assessed by a bending test. Bending radius referred to herein, cycle time and curvature of 5 mm, respectively, 10,000 and 2 seconds / times.

6-inch flexible PEDOT touch panel is produced using a PEDOT mapping technology and “multi-purpose flexible electronic substrate technology” (FlexUpTM) combined. After the AMOLED display module technology integration, through hand-painted, 5:00 touch and zoom in / out function, performance of this product has been successfully demonstrated. Conducting a 10,000 weeks within a radius of 5 mm / Outbound bending test after each PEDOT electrode resistance change rate of less than 1%. Based on the above test results, transparent, highly conductive PEDOT polymer could be used in a flexible touch panel fields.

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