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Darlox Electronics: high-frequency FPC application solutions


About Darlox Electronics

Darlox is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of custom cables for flat-panel displays and the peripherals; custom cables for auto, mobile and office equipment; and also cables for almost all modern electronic products you can see. We cater to our customer’s every need with our design services and quick lead time. Orders of large quantity and small quantity are both always welcomed.

【High Frequency FPC Application Features】

Darlox offers a wide range of RF and wireless flexible connectivity solutions for smartphones, tablets and wireless infrastructure specifically for LTE / Wi-Fi, GPS, military, test and measurement, and peer-to-peer applications.

Newer wireless devices and base stations are finding ways to reduce losses while RF components are moving toward efficient compactness that not only needs to be integrated into smaller chassis but also offers superior sensitivity and bandwidth.

Darlox is Delivering Low Loss, High Sensitivity, High Bandwidth Flexible Connectivity Solutions for Next-Generation Mobile Devices, Wireless Base Stations, Small Foot Stations – Innovative Solutions and One Stop Shop for Simulation, Design, Manufacturing, Assembly and Testing Services Replace the traditional RF connection.

Darlox’s producs: Flexible flat cables  FFC Cables  40P 0.5mm pitch LVDS FFC Cable

To see the big: Darlox FPC application tape solution

With the popularization of modern technology and common people, high-tech products are gradually penetrating into our lives such as mobile phones, tablet PCs. With the handsets it is easily reading emails, GPS navigation, live voice and video, listening to music, watching movies. All these bringing great convenience and fun to our work and life. Everyone feels bad that on the day without these electronic devices.

Therefore,producers are trying best to make their products more sophisticated and portable. Through the application of the flexible circuit board, it is possible to realize the fine work inside the electronic equipment while ensuring the excellent operation of the small space work.

Compared with the traditional resin circuit board, the flexible circuit board (FPC) not only has a high degree of reliability, but also has the advantages of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness, less wiring space restriction and high flexibility Many characteristics, and therefore in the current field of electronic equipment production has an important position.

However, the application of small space for FPC bonding technology put forward very high requirements, to ensure the normal operation of the flexible circuit board at the same time, need to ensure that the bonding is safe and reliable, especially the surface FPC bonding and conductive properties of FPC adhesive Pick up Tesa offers a wide range of functional solutions for different FPC applications in the electronics industry, including:

Conductive Bonding Solutions: FPC grounding and shielding to avoid the possibility of short circuits and noise from various battery disruptions (EMI) in small spaces; FPC conductive bonding applications requiring a reflow (SMT) process.

Tapestry conductive tapes are available in a wide choice of substrates and thicknesses, including single-sided and double-sided tapes, such as non-woven tapes, woven tapes, and foam tapes. Under high temperature and humidity conditions, the products have excellent XYZ direction conductivity, high adhesion under harsh environment conditions, and have very good removability.

Narrow area of the structural bonding: In the smallest bonding position or bending area, the use of high-performance HAF tape FPC bonding, the product has excellent high temperature and chemical solvent resistance.

Ferrite sheets are widely used in the wireless charging of consumer electronics such as cell phones and can provide circuits for the sympathetic magnetic field through high magnetic flux. Fu posted a reliable adhesive tape to ensure the efficiency of wireless charging and safe use.

FUNCTIONAL Bonding: FPC bonding with anti-rebound bending properties (eg, reliable bonding of FPC antenna to curved case) and FPC bonding before SMT process.


arlox’s producs: Flexible flat cables  FFC Cables  40P 0.5mm pitch LVDS FFC Cable

20TB hard drive launched before 2020 with glass substrate manufacturing

In the past few years, the hard disk density slowdown the growing speed. Although Seagate and the West continue to work hard, put more discs, use helium, continue to introduce a larger capacity hard drive, but the hard disk density to enhance the speed gradually slow down, it is an indisputable fact. Now West and Seagate are working hard on 20TB high-capacity hard drive which is manufactured with glass substrate.


So far, only the notebook hard drive using glass substrate. Compared with the aluminum plate glass has several advantages. First, the glass is stronger than aluminum, allowing manufacturers to put thinner and lighter discs. In addition, compared with the aluminum substrate, the glass substrate is more flat and more smooth, more closely together, when the heat expansion is much weaker, that is to say the ability to cope with thermal expansion stronger. Also, let the spindle press the glass plate at a given speed, the need for less power, if the use of aluminum discs, because of its weight heavier, so a little higher energy consumption.

Japanese company Hoya believes that HDD manufacturers will use glass in 3.5-inch hard drive. Hoya shows a prototype glass disc that has two thicknesses, one for 0.5 mm and another for 0.381 mm. Currently the disc thickness is 0.635 mm. There must be a gap between the disc and the disc. If the disc size is reduced by 40%, more discs can be loaded in the same capacity. The glass substrate facilitates the introduction of heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR). If you want to write data on the hard disk, the hard disk will heat the writing part with the laser. Seagate is ready to roll out HAMR drives in 2018 and expand capacity to 20TB by 2020.

Darlox’s producs: Flexible flat cables  FFC Cables  40P 0.5mm pitch LVDS FFC Cable


Wireless charging principle Detailed

Smartphones that support wireless charging are available from around the summer of 2011. Any handset device can use the global standard “Qi” specification. Parking can be charged EV (electric car) with the charging system.


Wireless charging has been in the electric toothbrush, electric shavers, wireless phones and other parts of household appliances in the practical, and now its scope of application has expanded to the field of smart phones.

At present, most of the smartphones and chargers that support wireless charging on the market are in line with the “Qi” specification developed by the industry-based “Wireless Charging Alliance (WPC)” in the United States.

Wireless charging methods include “magnetic resonance” and “radio reception” and other means, Qi is used “electromagnetic induction”. By achieving standardization, as long as it is with Qi logo products, any handset device can be charged.

Darlox’s producs: Flexible flat cables  FFC Cables  40P 0.5mm pitch LVDS FFC Cable

Darlox Electronic Innovation Start FPC Identity Traceability SFIS System

April 19, 2016, Darlox Electronic declared the Shop Floor Information System (SFIS) at the International Conference Hall.

SFIS system is designed by Darlox Electronic independent research and development which is based on MES system after the declare of ERP system successfully at 2016.

SFIS system, firstly two-dimensional code printed on each product that make sure each piece of product has a unique identity code. In the production process, through the CCD automatic scanning identification, to achieve production cycle paperless , System foolproof, real-time data records, quality traceability and many other functions to ensure that people, machine, material, law (process and governance tools), ring and other factors one by one correspondence.

Before the start of the briefing session, Darlox Electronic SFIS system has successfully docked the international customer products and successfully put into use, the next step will be for other strategic cooperation customers step by step.

Darlox’s producs: Flexible flat cables  FFC Cables  40P 0.5mm pitch LVDS FFC Cable

1.27mm Ptch FFC cable

Advantage of 1.27mm pitch FFC cable are Small size, light weight, the design of the cable board is used to replace the larger wiring harness wire. In the current patch electronics assembly board, the insulation material FFC cable is usually to meet the miniaturization and mobility requirements Of the solution. By using the 1.27mm ffc cables, the total weight and volume of the cable is reduced by 70% compared to conventional round wire harness. The cable can also be increased by using the reinforcement material or liner method to obtain Additional mechanical stability.


When the circuit of the circuit is too complicated and the single layer board can not be routed or need copper foil for grounding shielding, you need to choose double or even multilayer fpc cable. Multilayer fpc cable have the holes connecting the layers of copper foil. This is a typical difference of single layer fpc cable .

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automotive FFC Cable

Automotive FFC cable including single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer board. The substrate based on polyimide CCL-based materials. Its advantage including high heat resistance, good dimensional stability, and good electrical insulation performance.


Automotive FFC cable shortcomings:
(1) high initial cost of a single time
Since the flexible PCB is designed and manufactured for special applications, the cost of the circuit design, wiring, and backplane is high.

(2) difficult changes and repair
Once the soft PCB is made, it must be changed from the bottom of the map or the preparation of the light painting program, so it is not easy to change its surface covered with a protective film, to be removed before repair, repair and then to restore, it is more difficult jobs.

(3) size is limited
It can not be done very long, very wide.

(4) can be damage easily when improper operation.
Improper operation of the installation can easy to cause damage to the soft circuit, the soldering and rework needs of trained personnel operation.

Advantages of automotive cable FFC cable:
(1) can be free to bend, winding, folding, according to the space layout requirements of any arrangement, and in any three-dimensional space to move and stretch, so as to achieve the integration of components and wire connections.

(2) the use of FPC can greatly reduce the size and weight of electronic products.

(3) FFC also has good heat dissipation and weldability as well as easy to install, the overall cost is low, the combination of soft and hard design to a certain extent make up for the flexible substrate in the component carrying capacity of a slight shortage.

Darlox’s producs: Flexible flat cables  FFC Cables  40P 0.5mm pitch LVDS FFC Cable

The Function and Solution of Robot FFC Cable

Robot FFC cable is a simple structure flexible board. Usually the materials are substrate, transparent plastic, copper foil, protective film and transparent plastic. The foil is subjected to a process such as etching to obtain the desired circuit, and the protective film is to be drilled to expose the corresponding pads. After cleaning, combined by rolling and then plated at the exposed pad portion Gold or tin. General also stamping into the corresponding shape of the small circuit board. Now, many products used the cable, because the cable can be twists and turns, in the printer, mobile phones, notebooks and many other products.

The type of robot FFC cable:
1, single panel
The use of single-sided PI copper plate material in the line after the completion of a layer of protective film, forming a single-layer conductor only a flexible circuit board.
2, ordinary double panel
The use of double-sided PI board deposited copper material in the double-sided circuit is completed, the two sides were added with a protective film, as a double conductor with a circuit board.
3, the substrate to generate a single panel
The use of pure copper foil material in the circuit process, respectively, in the two sides of each layer plus a layer of protective film, as a single-layer conductor, but in the circuit board has a conductor on both sides of the exposed circuit board.
4, the substrate to generate double-sided
A double-sided conductor circuit board having a two-layer, one-sided PI-plated copper material material is bonded to each other at a specific position to form a double-sided conductor circuit board in a localized region, A circuit board with high flexural properties.


Darlox’s producs: Flexible flat cables  FFC Cables  40P 0.5mm pitch LVDS FFC Cable

Darlox FFC Housings

According to the pitch, there are 1.27MM ffc housing, 2.54mm ffc housing, including single row, double rows, multi-rows.


Housing baffle
To ensure the firmly using with the terminal contacts which is with the contact barbs Any type of housing baffle can not be damaged and deformed, especially due to the wrong terminal or other reasons for secondary use.


Barbs groove
Channel of contact barbs. Generally can be directly from the appearance to identify the direction of interspersed. Some others that more subtle can also confirm the direction of the contact piercing from the direction of the housing baffle.

Adaptation conditions
1, the size of the contacts (high, width) and the caliber of the housing.
2, the location of the contact barbs and housing baffle.
3, interspersed process is smooth.

Darlox’s producs: Flexible flat cables  FFC Cables  40P 0.5mm pitch LVDS FFC Cable

Business of Darlox

Darlox was founded in 2002 which is specialized in the production of polyimide and polyester (FPC, FFC) soft printed circuit board business.Over the past decade, Darlox is committed to high-grade, high-tech product development. Strict implementation of the QC management system, advanced technology and equipment, advanced management experience, the company continued to grow and develop. Darlox passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, United States Safety Experimental Center UL safety certification, and the SGS testing and certification in line with the EU ROHS & WEEE green environmental requirements.


Darlox have a good and stable relations of cooperation with well-known enterprises of Japan, United States, Germany, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Hong Kong and other countries.

The company holding the only quality of my request, the only letter I seek, only Cheng Qi seeking the purpose of the company.

Darlox’s producs: Flexible flat cables  FFC Cables  40P 0.5mm pitch LVDS FFC Cable