Business of Darlox

Darlox was founded in 2002 which is specialized in the production of polyimide and polyester (FPC, FFC) soft printed circuit board business.Over the past decade, Darlox is committed to high-grade, high-tech product development. Strict implementation of the QC management system, advanced technology and equipment, advanced management experience, the company continued to grow and develop. Darlox passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, United States Safety Experimental Center UL safety certification, and the SGS testing and certification in line with the EU ROHS & WEEE green environmental requirements.


Darlox have a good and stable relations of cooperation with well-known enterprises of Japan, United States, Germany, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Hong Kong and other countries.

The company holding the only quality of my request, the only letter I seek, only Cheng Qi seeking the purpose of the company.

Darlox’s producs: Flexible flat cables  FFC Cables  40P 0.5mm pitch LVDS FFC Cable

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