Cabling technology for 3D technology and 7nm successive release

International Interconnect Technology Conference / Materials for Advanced Metallization Conference (IITC / AMC) 2015 hold in May 2015 from 18 to 21 in Grenoble, France (CEA-Leti within MINATEC). The meeting for the second time after a lapse of four years, was held in Europe, IITC and MAM jointly. As in previous years, the number of participants more than 200 people, the atmosphere is very active in live discussions.

From the point of view the number of papers, including keynote speeches, including ordinary speech of 42 papers, poster papers is 60. From the field of view, Materials & Unit Processes most, the proportion was 23 percent, also released a lot for 14 ~ 7nm process miniaturization technology. Followed by 3D Integration & Packaging (21%) and Novel Systems & Emerging Technology (16%). From the agency point of view, 44% of universities, research institutions accounted for 29%, the rest of the industry. The MAM also uphold the principle of more panels than in previous years were released, and this is one of the characteristics of this meeting.

Prior to this meeting, also on May 18 held a symposium. Morning’s theme is “Flexible Electronics: Application and Materials Challenges”, the afternoon’s theme is “2D Materials: Challenges and Application”. These are the EU (European Union) to develop industry-academia joint future growth areas.

2 Layer Flexible PCB  Flexible Printed Circuit Boards  8 Layer Flex PCB

AWM 20624 80C 60V VW-1 Gold plated FFC cable

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