Chino exhibited fuel cell temperature Visualization System


Japan Chino company (CHINO) without using a platinum catalyst for solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) developer, launched a cell surface allows visualization of temperature distribution system, and in the “2015 System Control Fair / Exhibition 2015 Tokyo Measurement “(December 2 to 4 days, Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center) on the display.

The temperature distribution of the surface of the fuel cell is important, because the uneven distribution of temperature will affect the life and reliability of the fuel cell. Occur simultaneously on the surface of the unit will reduce the temperature of the chemical reaction and can raise the temperature of the power generation. Caused by a chemical reaction of hydrogen produces water, the temperature will drop, and with the current power generation causes the temperature to rise. This easily leads to uneven distribution of surface temperature unit. At a temperature of different parts will produce stress, it is possible to shorten unit life, reduce reliability.

Chino has developed a fuel cell can be caught in the middle of a heat-resistant sapphire glass, and then placed in the furnace of the clamping device, can be distributed from the furnace temperature was observed for external thermal imager.

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