Darlox Electronic Innovation Start FPC Identity Traceability SFIS System

April 19, 2016, Darlox Electronic declared the Shop Floor Information System (SFIS) at the International Conference Hall.

SFIS system is designed by Darlox Electronic independent research and development which is based on MES system after the declare of ERP system successfully at 2016.

SFIS system, firstly two-dimensional code printed on each product that make sure each piece of product has a unique identity code. In the production process, through the CCD automatic scanning identification, to achieve production cycle paperless , System foolproof, real-time data records, quality traceability and many other functions to ensure that people, machine, material, law (process and governance tools), ring and other factors one by one correspondence.

Before the start of the briefing session, Darlox Electronic SFIS system has successfully docked the international customer products and successfully put into use, the next step will be for other strategic cooperation customers step by step.

Darlox’s producs: Flexible flat cables  FFC Cables  40P 0.5mm pitch LVDS FFC Cable

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