Darlox FFC Housings

According to the pitch, there are 1.27MM ffc housing, 2.54mm ffc housing, including single row, double rows, multi-rows.


Housing baffle
To ensure the firmly using with the terminal contacts which is with the contact barbs Any type of housing baffle can not be damaged and deformed, especially due to the wrong terminal or other reasons for secondary use.


Barbs groove
Channel of contact barbs. Generally can be directly from the appearance to identify the direction of interspersed. Some others that more subtle can also confirm the direction of the contact piercing from the direction of the housing baffle.

Adaptation conditions
1, the size of the contacts (high, width) and the caliber of the housing.
2, the location of the contact barbs and housing baffle.
3, interspersed process is smooth.

Darlox’s producs: Flexible flat cables  FFC Cables  40P 0.5mm pitch LVDS FFC Cable

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