Flexible circuit board instructions

Retention period
1, FPC conductor exposed parts, need to go through the surface coating (rust) treatment, such as plating / gold, OSP, tin, storage environment need to avoid corrosive gases, and the temperature to be controlled below 25 ℃, humidity control 50- 70%.
2, the product in the above preservation conditions, the effective shelf life of 6 months after the factory, plus desiccant vacuum packaging, shelf life of 1 year.
3, after the shelf life of the product will only affect the welding (such as gold surface oxidation, FPC moisture), in other areas no effect.
SMT job description
1, FPC substrate materials used in the absorption characteristics, such as customer process in a high temperature or through the SMT process, before the operation to bake dehumidification action, to avoid the product has burst holes, bubbles, stratification and other undesirable.
2, SMT baking before the general recommended baking temperature of 110-130 ℃, time is 60-120 minutes.
3, FPC after baking operation, need to be on-line within 2 hours of operation, such as more than 2 hours to be expected to work, you need to bake again to avoid the plate again moisture, affecting SMT operations.
4, FPC due to folding characteristics, so the parts of the welding position on the back need to strengthen the design to protect the solder joints and exposed areas from external forces, if no reinforcement design, then avoid any changes in the parts area Of the action, so as not to have the solder wire soldering concerns.

Bend instructions for use
1, Although FPC can be bent, but there will be a disruptive phenomenon if it is180 ° dead fold,
2, most of the ink-type protective layer characteristics are not resistant to bending, so the use of FPC surface protection ink printing area, such as text, marking, welding and other areas, is strictly prohibited in the assembly process more than 90 ° bending The action produced.
3, covering the film or the reinforcement plate and the conductor exposed area junction, such as pulling the gold finger end, for the stress concentration area, easy in the assembly process due to stress concentration, resulting in line break bad doubts, to remind FPC users attention This phenomenon.
4, FPC shape corner, with the stress concentration of the region, easy in the assembly process, produce tear phenomenon, to remind the user to pay attention to this phenomenon.
5, FPC conductor exposed parts, the surface coating treatment, such as gold / gold, etc., the focus is to prevent oxidation, this area is not suitable for bending action.
6, the general finger finger plug area, although the reinforcement plate design, but still not suitable for this area to bend, back-end components assembly process to pay special attention.
7, can not be directly on the FPC hole on the bend, so as to avoid the reliability of doubt.

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