Molex offers Brad modular power solutions for molding the trunk cable


Molex Incorporated offers a complete Brad modular power solutions product line for machine builders, which is characterized by having a maximum 30A, 600V AC / DC feeder line of sturdy molded trunk cable, as well as for the maximum 15A, 600V AC / DC branch distribution circuit tap-molded cable. Molex’s Brad power components are designed according to NFPA-79 industrial electrical equipment standard which meet UL2237 (PVVA) standard, can be used for motor branch circuits.
Ted Kyriazes, Molex global product manager, explains:. “Brad comply with UL2237 standard quick connect pressure module contains pre-wired and factory wiring harness connector molded, is an alternative to hard-wired machine ideal for these modules can create powerful, scalable and easy to install distribution system, eliminating the need for conventional pipe installation and special tools and skilled workers are usually required. ”

Brad power solutions for a variety of industries, including food and beverage processing, packaging and material handling, automotive assembly and pharmaceuticals. Brad wiring system provides a significant advantage over the operation of the pipeline based on hard-wired:

● reduce operating costs

● Faster machine assembly

● faster debugging new industrial equipment

Brad keyed power connector provides two choices for mechanically distinguishing trunk and feeder circuits, improve design flexibility. Tee (tee) with a flat head connector provides branch circuit to the access point field device, and the three-way connector with the trunk of the separation of the main feeder into the branch circuit portion. Brad key element is to establish three-way power modular scalable trunk and tap wires topology, providing an access point as a branch or a tap.

Brad quick-connect wiring harness connector and supports fast field wiring. All connectors have an extended ground wire pin characteristics, to meet the first mating / off eventually need. Brad harness using TC-ER cables (Tray-Rated, Exposed Run) manufacturing.

Kyriazes added: “Brad has a modular assembly system consistent and easy to copy, can provide advantages for situations involving multiple machines integrated Brad power to ensure product is fully compatible with industry-standard applications, providing Brad brand has been recognized by the industry. the unparalleled performance. ”

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