OLED will accelerate the replacement for LCD technology

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is based on the organic thin film spontaneous light display technology, with ultra-thin, ultra-wide viewing angle, flexible rollable, high color gamut, fast response and many other advantages, was considered a new generation of display technology. Since 1987 Professor Deng Qingyun discovery of this new material, which set off the development of the global boom continues. Professor Deng Qingyun said at the forum, is currently in a variety of applications, OLED has the LCD can not match advantage, the next two to three years, OLED display technology is bound to become the core, and gradually replace the conventional liquid crystal display technology.

Up to now, the global TV industry has gone through several display technology revolution, from the earliest CRT to plasma (PDP), liquid crystal (LCD), every upgrade is very difficult, but will be spawned huge business opportunities and lead the TV market reshuffle . Compared with the conventional display technology, OLED is even more rapid development.

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