Panasonic introduced the first organic EL TVs, LG’s curved panel

Panasonic has finally launched the organic EL TV. Model “CZ950″, is the only European market 65-inch curved organic EL TV. The non-autonomous panel TV production, but sourced from South Korea’s LG Display Corporation’s products.

Matsushita until 2014 “International CES”, has been developed to show a printed organic EL, its advanced nature and usefulness of the technology. However, in July the same year, with the integration of Panasonic and Sony organic EL research and development capabilities, and set up “JOLED” the new company, the new company took over by other personnel and technical resources, Panasonic developed a panel from the “IFA” began to disappear .

JOLED focused on the development of small and medium organic EL panel, currently suspended development work with a large TV panels. As a substitute, Matsushita in 2014, discloses the use of procurement from LG Display 65-inch curved organic EL display production test products. Although South Korea’s LG Electronics also own booth, showing the same panel with 65 inches of merchandise, but Panasonic outstanding picture quality, LG Electronics is attracting droves of technical staff to visit, giving the left a deep impression .

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Surface smart phones and television production will, AMAT develop organic EL manufacturing apparatus

Applied Materials (AMAT) has developed so thin, lightweight, flexible mass production of flexible organic EL display manufacturing apparatus becomes possible. That the formation of a plasma CVD apparatus is protected from oxygen and moisture organic EL erosion of packaging films and so on. The general use of hard and thick glass packages through the glass into the film, the production can be soft, flexible organic EL display.

The launch of the two AMAT film forming apparatus. One based on smart phones and other mobile terminal with an organic EL display as an object of “Applied AKT-20K”. Corresponding to the size of the substrate is 925mm × 1500mm. Another is the large-screen TV with an organic EL display as an object of “Applied AKT-40K”. Corresponding to the size of the substrate is 1250mm × 2200mm.

To suppress organic EL deterioration in the manufacturing process, the apparatus can be formed on a low temperature below 100 ℃ package film. Moreover, even without the need for expensive photographic process using exposure and etching apparatus can also be formed with high positional accuracy package film. Allegedly, this is the use of self-developed image processing technology to improve positioning accuracy and precision deposition mask to achieve. Thus, when compared with the use of photographic technology, can significantly reduce manufacturing costs.

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Google will deliver a speech at the ISSCC 2016 on the human implantable devices


Google the relevant international conferences semiconductor integrated circuit technology “ISSCC (International Solid State Circuits Conference) 2016″ (January 31, 2016 – February 4 held in San Francisco) in the upper body on circuit design techniques used in implantable devices give a speech. In about image sensors, MEMS and medical technology sub-theme “IMMD” the tutorial session, Google’s Peng Cong will be entitled “Circuit Design Considerations for Implantable Devices” speech.

In addition, the meeting will be released on a number of areas of concern of health care outcomes. Intel will use nano-spaced DNA sequencing (analysis) technology speech (lecture number 16.1). KAIST will publish the information can be used to monitor the body tags semiconductor chip technology (lecture number 22.3).

ISSCC 2016 will be held in the history of the first keynote guest speakers outside, its theme is also medical health. Stanford University will BMI (brain-machine interface) released by human implantable circuit technical presentations (lecture number 22.1). This is a BMI in medical and other fields “has entered the pre-clinical stage, about to reach a practical level” (ISSCC 2016 Far East Committee) Hot technology.

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“flexible thermometer” Like a Band-Aid achieved by printing process

Soft curved, can be attached on the skin like a Band-Aid …… Japan Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo research Cote appointed assistant Yokota know it and Professor Takao Someya’s team developed can use the print manufacturing process “flexible thermometer.” This printing process used to create a thin flexible plastic thermometer, attached to the body surface, successfully measured the surface temperature distribution. The product is used to monitor a baby conceived temperature such as health, medical and nursing care and other fields.

The development of flexible thermometer is the use of a printing process on a film substrate made. Thickness of only about 15μm, soft and flexible. Sensitivity up to 0.02 ℃, the response speed of up to 100ms. Experiments confirmed that even though repeated measurements close to 2,000 times, it will not lose reproducibility.

Not integrated power sensor circuit and reading circuit, but if you use R & D team previously developed technology, integrated power circuit and reading circuit principle. In the future, the research team will further reduce the thickness, increase the number of measurements can be repeated, towards commercialization of three years.

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Foley surplus Electronics Co., Ltd. using systems Orbotech produces high-quality flexible circuit boards

Orbotech Ltd. today announced that industry-leading soft board (FPC) Manufacturer Foley surplus Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Fauré surplus”) once again select Orbotech production solutions for high-end thin flexible board production .

Foley surplus in Suzhou printed circuit board factory needed a superior solution to meet the requirements to obtain a high output and maximum yield while ensuring the best possible environmental benefits.
Foley surplus ultimately chose Paragon-Xpress 9 Laser Direct Imaging Orbotech (LDI) systems. The design of the system is designed to achieve up to 5,000 times a day, high-speed imaging capacity. The ability to achieve a high depth of field and significantly improve yields, the market today is known as one of the nine most stable solution Paragon-Xpress.
“We will Orbotech LDI system is mainly used for thin FPC production, in order to better serve our customers, and we also wanted a solution that can minimize the impact of production on the environment. Hope and Austria Symbol Technologies to establish long-term cooperative relationship can help us to continue to consolidate its leading position in the global soft board industry. “Mr. Xu Zhong Ying, general manager of Fleishman-Hillard.
Foley surplus was founded in 2010, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality soft circuit boards. The company in 2014 in the third quarter for the first time the acquisition of Orbotech products, the select Orbotech’s products again. Gaby Waisman Orbotech president of Asia Pacific, said: “We are very honored to be able to select Foley surplus Orbotech’s Paragon-Xpress laser direct imaging system for its latest flexible board production, our industry-proven system, dedicated to helping customers to improve yields, reduce costs and improve overall product quality. ”

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Here’s however with many straightforward steps on however iOS nine users will extend their battery life to last for on a daily basis


Apple Inc. introduced its latest iOS nine last month. The new OS includes many new options that increased performance and therefore the a lot of required battery potency. Despite the upgrade the iOS users are facing plenty of issues; but this can be not a brand new struggle for the customers as each update comes with such issues and therefore the most rumored ar those regarding battery life.

The school big discharged its newest OTA update iOS nine.0.2 recently. though each iPhone’s battery life drawback will be caused by completely different reasons, here ar many tips to assist iOS nine compatible iPhone users to resolve the matter with some straightforward tricks. These can permit users to avoid wasting battery life which will last for on a daily basis.

Battery ingestion Applications
Apple already knew that the iOS nine would bring battery life issues, thus it had been designed with options specified they conserve battery. So, all one needs to do is simply explore for them. 1st things 1st, the user needs to head to the Settings that ends up in Battery possibility and open the choice that shows what quantity power the battery has consumed for every application. currently users are ready to see an inventory of applications with battery consumption percentages and therefore the most used can seem on the highest. Then notice the applications that ar surplus, however still use an honest quantity of energy and delete them or flip them removed from Background Apps Refresh, that is explained below.

Now this can be an apparent however a awfully effective trick once users expertise battery evacuation. an excellent straightforward move would be to change off options like Bluetooth, AirDrop, and alternative applications that operate within the background.

Apps will still drain users’ battery even when they need been exited just by running within the background. Users will simply flip them off by sound the house button double and later swiping upwards. the opposite thanks to shut applications is thru the Background Refresh operate that resides generally Settings. This feature permits users to show off apps per their preferences. However, it’s best to stay this feature on for apps like GPS or mapping apps because it may limit their practicality through constant on and off refreshing.

Screen light
The most common thanks to save energy is by dimming the screen brightness to its lowest purpose. This won’t build an enormous distinction however can sure as shooting facilitate the battery life to increase slightly longer. best brightness isn’t very required once roaming along with your phone within the pocket, thus this could be an honest possibility for users to think about.

A much-awaited new feature within the iOS nine is named Low Power Mode that’s designed to conserve energy for times once users cannot avail a charging socket. It will be accessed from Battery Settings lying on the highest. The feature saves battery by merely switch off all unsuitable apps that users don’t need at the instant like Background App Refresh, automatic downloads, and specific visual effects. This operate will lower performance, however it’s a handy tool in desperate times of battery conservation.

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Asus ZenFone a pair of Variant With 4GB RAM, 16GB constitutional Storage Launched





Asus has launched multiple variants of its ZenFone a pair of smartphone in India and a few different choose markets. The Taiwanese company has currently unconcealed a brand new variant of the ZenFone a pair of within the USA that includes 4GB of RAM and 16GB of constitutional storage, priced at $229 (approximately Rs. 15,000).

Previously, Asus launched 2 ZenFone variants priced at $199 (approximately Rs. 13,000) for the 2GB RAM and 16GB of constitutional storage, and another variant priced at $299 (approximately Rs. 19,750) for the 4GB of RAM and 64GB constitutional storage.

For specifications, the new ZenFone a pair of variant within the USA are steam-powered by a one.8GHz quad-core Intel Atom Z3560, kind of like the ZenFone a pair of ZE551ML launched in India.

Other viscera embrace a five.5-inch full-HD (1080×1920 pixels) IPS show with Corning pongid Glass 3; 13-megapixel rear camera; 5-megapixel front camera; microSD card support; twin SIM LTE, and 3000mAh battery.

Asus India recently started mercantilism the ZenFone Selfie priced at Rs. 17,999. The Taiwanese company presently solely mercantilism the 32GB variant with 3GB RAM. The ZenFone Selfie 16GB constitutional storage variant with 2GB RAM priced at Rs. 15,999 can continue sale beginning Sep thirty. The ZenFone Selfie sports 13-megapixel rear and front cameras, a highlight of the device at this worth purpose, with f/2.0 aperture, 28mm focal distance, and dual-colour Real Tone flash. The rear camera options a optical maser optical device module additionally. it’s steam-powered by a 64-bit octa-core Qualcomm flower 615 (1.7GHz quad-core and 1GHz quad-core) processor with Adreno 405 GPU and 3GB of RAM.

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Toshiba Launches low-priced Satellite Click 2-in-1 laptop computer


Announced nowadays, the “ultra-compact” 2-in-1 is on the market for pre-ordering. Toshiba expects to start shipping the new device on Gregorian calendar month twenty five.

The Satellite Click ten options a detachable ten.1-inch screen with HD and multi-touch show, also as a lifesize keyboard. high-powered by Intel’s new Atom x5 processor, the 2-in-1 additionally comes with front and rear cameras, multi-directional microphones and A battery that has up to seven hours of on-the-go power, Toshiba same.

Dedicated Key for Cortana

Philip Osako, Toshiba’s senior director of product promoting, delineated the Satellite Click ten as “a extremely moveable, versatile computer that may move simply from laptop computer productivity to pill fun.”

As a laptop computer, the device is thirty % smaller and fifty % lighter than a typical Toshiba 15-inch laptop computer, the corporate same. once separated from its screen, the Satellite Click one0′s display/tablet weighs simply 1.2 pounds and is zero.36 inches thick.

The device options a passionate Cortana key therefore users will access Microsoft’s personal digital assistant with only one click. It comes with workplace mobile apps pre-installed for out-of-the-box productivity, in line with Toshiba.

2-in-1s ‘the area To Watch’

Microsoft helped initiate the 2-in-1 market with the discharge of its first-generation Surface professional in early 2013. Its launch of the Windows ten software system in July is probably going to spur even a lot of growth therein market.

While worldwide sales of tablets are declining, 2-in-1 devices ar gaining appreciable momentum. In its most up-to-date Worldwide Quarter pill huntsman report, the analyst firm IDC noted that OEMs (original instrumentality manufacturers) “are obtaining a lot of serious concerning this market” and expected that the 2-in-1 section can grow by eighty six.5 % this year.

“In the past, the largest challenges with 2-in-1 devices were high worth points, but appealing styles, and, quite honestly, lack of demand for Windows eight, that was the OS most devices were running,” same Ryan Reith, program director with IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly itinerant huntsman.

By the second quarter of this year, however, quite forty vendors had free 2-in-1s, compared to merely fourteen vendors in 2013.

“With the launch of Windows ten, the introduction of a lot of Android-based product, and also the chance that Apple can unveil a bigger, screen-detachable iPad, this is often the area to observe,” Reith same in August. Apple proclaimed last week that its new iPad professional, offered in November, can escort the choice of a separate “Smart Keyboard.”

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Samsung Galaxy S7 unharness date, specs and worth


All aboard the Samsung train! Wait. What’s that? You haven’t had time to induce off the train once the Galaxy Note 5? Well, the wheels of market economy have to be compelled to keep turning, my friend. we’d like to appear ahead to what Samsung has future with their flagship following the purdy Galaxy S6. With the iPhone 6s launching, Samsung must convince the hearts and minds (and wallets) of customers in 2016.

Leaked details concerning the Galaxy S7 area unit steady building. From reports that Samsung is designing a February reveal date to news a few game-changing image detector, here’s everything we all know up to now concerning the Samsung Galaxy S7’s unharness date, worth and technical specs.

Following the pattern set out by the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 and S6, we’d up to now expected to check consequent flagship Galaxy device around March or Apr. Rumours area unit currently spreading that the Galaxy S7 are creating its public debut as shortly as February.

Korean media retailers area unit promise the discharge date of the Samsung Galaxy S7 to late February. This appearance doubtless, seeing as Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) runs from 22-25 February, which the past 2 main iterations of Samsung’s Galaxy flagship were each declared at MWC. it might additionally offer Samsung an opportunity to extinguish Apple’s iPhone 6s fireplace as shortly because it will.

Following a February announce date, the trend of previous Galaxy S models suggests we’ll see a March or Apr 2016 unharness date.

The price of consequent Galaxy S can mostly depend upon what Samsung pack into the slim French telephone, however we are able to create an informed guess supported previous costs.

With the Galaxy S5 launching at a worth of £550 and therefore the Galaxy S6 coming back to promote at £599, the Galaxy S7 may fairly rise to around £650. However, we expect that Samsung won’t jump up to now forward, however instead hover round the £599 mark.

Samsung has been showing off prototypes of curved smartphone screens for the past year roughly, however a report from Business peninsula claims that foldaway smartphone technology might be a poster reality as shortly as 2016. Referencing Associate in Nursing unknown Samsung show official, the report suggests it won’t be long till ready to fold our smartphones in our pockets. can the Galaxy S7 be the primary phone to use the technology? it should be a radical leap, however it might actually offer Samsung a footing over consequent iPhone.

Trawling through Samsung patents brings up another fascinating new capabilities which will or might not notice their means into the Galaxy S7. the primary of those could be a patent for a holographic show, initial uncovered by apparently Mobile. a lot of all the way down to earth is that the rumour that the Galaxy S7 can escort a USB Type-C port, as seen in Apple’s 2015 MacBook. Not solely is USB Type-C reversible – which means you don’t have to be compelled to compute that means spherical to stay in your cable – it will funnel 4K video, knowledge and power during identical strip. Basically, you’ll be ready to charge your phone and transfer knowledge at identical time with only 1 cable. Fewer cables, fewer issues.

Samsung Galaxy S7 style

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was a surprising phone that, with a gleaming combination of metal and glass, felt sort of a £600 French telephone. If Samsung expects to stay the Galaxy S’s premium tag it’ll wish to keep up this superior look and feel, particularly with a growing range of cheaper contenders on the scene, just like the OnePlus a pair of.

We hope Samsung commit to keep things fashionable on the planning front, though the Galaxy S6’s lack of waterproofing and a microSD slot place some folks off. We’d like each of those options to be in situ within the Galaxy S7. All in all, we’ve got our fingers crossed for a stylish-yet-durable style.

The S7 may additionally feature a amazingly durable style. Korean website Kbench reports that Samsung has filed a trademark for a replacement Turtle Glass cowl, that is anticipated to one-up the pongid Glass presently protective Samsung handsets. it’s additionally been reported by many unknown business executive sources that Samsung is attending to unharness the Galaxy S7 with a metal alloy unibody style. If true, the metal alloy would facilitate stop the new Galaxy from being bent, and would create the French telephone lighter than the aluminium-clad S6. metal also will create it easier for warmth to flee from the phone body, preventing heating.

Samsung Galaxy S7 show

In terms of show, there area unit rumours that Samsung can take a leaf out of the Galaxy S6 Edge’s book and introduce a curved edge as commonplace. whereas this can justify a worth hike, we’d expect Samsung to require an analogous consideration to the Galaxy S6 and keep the curved model as a separate version.

There are whispers that Samsung might be developing one thing even a lot of experimental – a foldaway phone. the very fact that we tend to haven’t seen any proof for this technology, including whether or not Samsung attempt to use it, makes this can be pretty unlikely.

Another purpose to think about is that the Samsung Gear VR, which might need Associate in Nursing ultra-sharp screen on the Galaxy S7 to figure to its full advantage. this might be Associate in Nursing impetus for Samsung to reveal Associate in Nursing exceptionally sharp show on its next Galaxy S – doubtless even a 4K show, though that figure is probably going to be many years away.

It additionally sounds like the S7 can are available 2 show variants, one with a five.2in screen and another with a five.8in screen. in keeping with South Korean website GforGames, the 5.2in model can escort 4K resolution support. It’s unknown what resolution the supersize five.8in show can escort. whether or not or not there’s any truth in these rumours remains to be seen. If Samsung will increase the dimensions of the Galaxy S7 an excessive amount of, it may risk actuation business far from the Galaxy Note five and Galaxy S6 Edge+.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera

Samsung has declared a replacement camera detector, which can most likely feature within the Galaxy S7. The unwieldy camera bulge within the Galaxy S6 might be a issue of the past, as Samsung disclosed the world’s initial one.0 micrometre 16MP CMOS image detector.

The ultra-thin camera module uses Samsung’s ISOCELL technology to receive a lot of lightweight, up the standard of shots in low-light. The smaller module – activity solely 5mm – would additionally create the Galaxy S7 dilutant than the Galaxy S6.

Korean publications area unit reportage that Samsung is attempting out a dual-camera system for the Galaxy S7, just like the one found on the HTC One M8. This setup involves 2 sets of lenses: one camera to require the most image and a smaller camera to record spatial info. This lets the phone add dramatic depth-of-field effects to your photos.

The dimension is proving pretty common as recently. Intel’s RealSense cameras area unit equally sound into the chances of depth perception, and it should be the case that Samsung wish to one-up the iPhone 6s’ 12-megapixel camera with a headline-grabbing new feature.

Samsung Galaxy S7 processor

According to school Times, Samsung is presently testing 2 variants of the company’s 2016 flagship device – one for western markets running on a Qualcomm flower 820 processor, and one for Asian markets running on Samsung’s own Exynos money supply. If true, these rumours recommend that Samsung is stepping into bed with Qualcomm once the choice to run with its own Exynos processor within the Galaxy S6. Why will Samsung wish to experiment with an out of doors processor? it should be that Qualcomm’s processor winds up outperforming Samsung’s Exynos and, if this can be the case, it might be for Samsung to use the flower to avoid falling behind its rivals, and to assist justify the Galaxy S7’s premium tag.

GSMArena has reported that a Samsung smartphone going by the name “Lucky-LTE” has appeared on the Geekbench benchmark information. This phone is believed to be none apart from the Galaxy S7, riffing on the very fact that seven could be a lucky range in peninsula. The benchmark shows the Lucky being tested with a replacement Exynos 8890 chipset, and managing to get 1409 for single-core and 4882 for multi-core. That isn’t quite up to scratch with this Exynos 7420, that tends to manage a score of around 5200 on multi-core, however GSMArena notes that this might be all the way down to an occasional clock rate of one.38GHz, compared to the rumoured Georgia home boy of two.3GHz. The Lucky device was additionally caught in a very separate benchmark, this point mistreatment Qualcomm’s flower 820 SoC.

In that AnTuTu benchmark, the device in question was recorded as having a five.7in QHD touchscreen, 16-megapixel main camera, a 5-megapixel front camera, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. it’s antecedently been rumoured that Samsung is designing on emotional the Galaxy S7 in 2 show variants, one with a five.2in screen and one with a five.8in screen. The flower Lucky managed a score of sixty five,775, though seeing because the processor continues to be pretty much in development, that figure ought to be smitten a pinch of salt.
Samsung Galaxy S7 rocks\

Samsung additionally recently declared production of a replacement 12Gbit LPDDR4 DRAM chips for mobile devices, factory-made on the company’s 20nm method technology. The one2Gbit chip (equivalent to 1.5GB per chip) offers a far higher density than the 8Gbit chips Samsung is presently mistreatment in its smartphones. this implies it’ll be ready to stack four along in a very single DRAM package to deliver 6GB within the same house that 3GB presently occupies.

Samsung claims the new modules area unit half-hour quicker than current 8Gbit chips, ready to run at four,266Mbits/sec, which they consume two hundredth less power.

Whether or not anyone truly wants 6GB of RAM is debatable. Currently, high-end phones spherical off at round the 3GB mark, with the Samsung Galaxy Edge 6+ self-praise 4GB. a lot of memory can beyond any doubt are available handy because the demands on smartphones increase, however 6GB could be a hefty quantity of memory for today’s wants, and over several shopper laptops.

In fact, it’s even as doubtless that Samsung can profit of the multiplied density of the new chips to avoid wasting house instead of specify a lot of memory. With the new technology, a 3GB RAM package would want solely 2 stacked memory dies, cutting the house required to carry the chips by [*fr1]. in addition as building a 6GB Galaxy S7, it should be that Samsung area unit eyeing up a slimmer 3GB flagship, or presumably one with a bigger battery

According to Master Herald, the flower 820 also will feature inbuilt protection within the form of advanced machine learning algorithms, and be ready to pre-empt antivirus firms within the detection of threats and viruses. Samsung is additionally allegedly operating with variety of mobile security app vendors to feature privacy options to their devices. the particular details of those options area unit unknown, however it’s a motivating suggestion of the direction Samsung might be taking in terms of security. a lot of attention is given to battery life and processor speed, however in a very digital landscape progressively crumpled by high-profile hacks, privacy could be a robust point.

Samsung Galaxy S7 battery

Battery life is a vast point within the smartphone market, therefore expect Samsung to pelt along with new school within the energy storage department.

The Galaxy S7 might be obtaining a five-day battery life, if analysis by Samsung’s R&D department filters down in time for the new French telephone. In June, researchers from Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) discovered how to increase lithium-ion battery life mistreatment graphene and Si. whereas extending battery capability commonly ends up in a shorter battery life, this new technique reportedly has the potential to extend the energy density of batteries by one.8x, which might considerably extend the battery lifetime of smartphones.

Whether or not this battery life breakthrough can reach the merchandise stage in time for the Galaxy S7 remains to be seen, however it might actually offer Samsung a plus over its rivals. Seeing as Samsung has developed this for Samsung product, we tend to might fine see it in time for consequent Galaxy French telephone.\

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 Toshiba proves it’s prepared for Windows ten with a range of latest PCs


With Windows ten get in the globe currently, it solely is smart that makers would begin shipping devices with the most recent from Redmond pre-installed. Toshiba is kicking the party off with a combine of latest convertible tablets, ANd an update to its 15-inch laptop computer line.

The new Encore ten may be a commonplace Windows pill, whereas the Encore 10K incorporates a clastic keyboard for convertivle use. They each expand the Encore line to a bigger ten.1-inch IPS show. They’re additionally lightweight, advisement simply one.3 pounds on their own, and 2.6 with the keyboard connected. each tablets area unit filled with 1080p displays and 10-point multi-touch. They’re high-powered by Intel Atom x5 quad-core processors, that have an occasional power needs. meaning the Encore ten runs for seven hours on one charge, and also the 10K goes for eleven hours — with the additional battery within the clastic keyboard.
The Tecra A50 is on the receiving finish of a hardware update moreover, with Toshiba replacement the fourth generation Intel chips with new fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs. aside from that, the 15.6-inch laptop computer still sports variety of HD and Full HD show choices, full-sized keyboard, and a quoted eight hours of battery life. Toshiba says the A50 are going to be offered with selections in software system, probably Windows ten and eight.1, however whether or not that also includes Windows seven remains to be seen.
In addition to the new choice of merchandise coming back off the road running Windows ten, a swath of Toshiba’s alternative computers have additionally been updated to incorporate the most recent OS as AN possibility. Of course, you’ll be able to still obtain PCs with eight.1 on them, and you’ll get the update to ten free if you update by Gregorian calendar month twenty nine, 2016.

The new declared Toshibas area unit meant for business and academic use, however area unit probably to envision a client unleash moreover. They’re precisely the style of merchandise folks are going to be craving for in their quest to upgrade to Windows ten. The Encore ten and 10K are going to be out there in middle September for $299 and $479 severally, with a $100 choice to upgrade to Windows ten professional. The Tecra A50 can hit shelves in August, and also the 3 models can vary between $729 and $799.

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