New Machine With The Adoption Of Flexible Flat Cable

With rapid growth of competitive electronic cable market in China, a great many electronic product manufacturers are apt to start a cooperative relation with many qualified electronic cable manufacturers. In the long term, they signed contracts and keep transfering demands and supplies communication.

We might as well take a look at the example of Panasonic’s multi-functional fax machine which integrates mainly printer, copier, max machine and telephone. First of all, we must be impressed by the humanized design. Equiped with an LCD displayer, together with caller ID function, the machine can resend antomatic error correlation. Moreover, paper running out receiving function and multi-site receivers are available.

On the other hand, the fax machine has a 3MB storage memory and it is able to receive and send a huge number of documents. The fax machine enables users to operate two functions at a time, like when receiving or sending stored fax, users can store the documents to be sent. Moreover, it adopts new flexible flat cable, which connects steadily with convenience. The related part naturally shrinks because of the FFC’s thin volume. As a result, the whole machine becomes smaller.

A sort of insulative material coupled with tinplating flat copper wire, largely strenghens on FFC’s connection and assembly. It’s conceivable that the bendable, foldable tiny flexible flat cable is going to sell very well in the competitive market.

How Cables Replaced In Electric Power Plants

After reading some precious abstracts from some electric diagram books and magazines, I feel more enlightened on the electronic cables and components in the application of electric power. As far as those who work for electric power industrial engineering are concerned, they, as usual, take work safety, durability of the electric devices into account. As staff work in the control room realize the importance of work safety and pay attention to the maintenance of control equipment, they will implement their policy of maintenance more strictly.

In the center control room of the electric plant, there are many printers and scanners. The machines are desinated for every control room office for some data analysis work. And they are mainly located in some spots with good environment. These offices are all located in suburban area though, the rooms are specially built anti-moisture. Moreover, the room are well equipped with fire prevention apparatus.

In addition to proofing from outside environment, some improvement also can be found in machines themselves. The electronic cables in the internal assembly also experienced a full update. Operators can enjoy the conveniences and safety in the new machines. One of the prominent changes is for the cables in the machines, namely the replacement of old flexible flat cables.

Some Notes on Flexible Flat Cables

After the hilarious high-end electronic product exhibition held in Osaka, I quickly wrote down some notes about the results of a couple of interviews for famous researchers and successful merchants in the electronic field.

To begin with, my first piece of note is about the speaker, who had a brief, short and simple introduction and instruction on what FFC is:

Obviously, FFC is flexible, bendable, foldable, thin, tiny, easy to connect and assemble and disassemble. Besides, FFC is designed to cope with electronmagnetic interference. There are free options for the number of wires and their normal pitches. FFC has great conveniences for connection, moreover, descreases electronics’ volume, reduces the cost of production and increases the production capacity.

Josh B.Turner, chief engineer from a well-developed electronic manufacturer made an announcement that the growing need of flexible flat cables becomes hard to meet due to the unique need from some new projects brought forward by great talents who are in the middle of some new inventions.

“Unless, we come to the custom cable service”, added Josh B.Turner. His remark implies that the electronic company he works for is working with some electronic cable manufacturers who can supply their need.

Conceivably, electronic product manufacturing is closely related to electronic cable production. And most large companies tend to customize FFC cables for their own specification from their suppliers.

Bookmark the FPC Cable in Mobile Phone Application

Along with the advance of the science, people become more aware of the significance of some famous domestic technolical enterprises which have been dealing in the research and development, sales and services of mobible phones. Currently, the remarkable manufacturers are on the rise of coninuous new launches.

It’s been widely reported in public recently that a newly-established domestic electronic manufacturer put forward their latest launch — a model of a brand new design, right after their close cooperation with reliable electronic cable manufacturers on the basis of mutual benefit. During the cooperation, mobile phone manufacturers’ adoption of FPC cable contributes to the improvement of the quality itself.

In addition to the application program technology, inside the new-launched cellphone, the very new type of FPC cable attached to the circuit has been quite stunning in its usage and effect. The most prominent features of the FPC is its light, thin ,small, soft , with heat resistance, heat dissipation and great capability of transmisson.

Compared with most new smartphones of high technologies in the market, the one with the new adoption of FPC cable is inclined to have a more powerful smart system which supports 3G network mode. Furthermore, there is a 4.5 inch wide main screen of 854×480 pixel. To sum up, the basic configuration is right as below:

CPU frequency: 1331MHz dual core;battery capacity:1750mAh;postpositioned camera pixel:5 million;operation system:Android OS 4.2;RAM memory:512MB;ROM memory:4GB;memory card:MicroSD card;sensor:CMOS;touch screen type:capacitance screen,multi-touch screen;operation type:touch control button;video support:3GP/MP4/3G2 format. All in All, it is no doublt a fine combination of all the advantages of smartphones of the almost same level.

How does FFC cable Work out in the Operation of Electronics

In general, flexible flat cable, abbreviated for FFC, refers to a large variety of flexible and flat electrical cable. As far as many great cable manufacturers are concerned, the special term FFC commonly refers to the extremely thin and flat cables which you can often find in the applications of some high density electronic, such as computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones most. Actually, the flexible flat cable is a typical kind of flexible electronics itself. Technically, FFC tends to be more accurate in the use of flexible-material-made circuits that incorporate components.

As we learn further about the cable and we find that the cable commonly consists of a soft, flexible and flat plastic film base, with multiple metallic conductors bonded to one surface. In general, each end of the cable is reinforced with a stiffener to make insertion much easier or to provide strain relief. And he stiffener makes the end of the cable slightly thicker.

For example, a great many modern printers show humanized paper feeding sensor which supports softer paper and gets over the adverse effects by humid and hot weather. Printers use specific customized ffc cables for the connection between print head and mainboard.

Adoption of more advanced FFC which connects print head and mainboard more steadily. The convenient connection makes the whole printer smaller, and speeds up the operation performance and print efficiency in a large extent.

Flexible flat cable is easy for connection and assembly and disassembly and it’s quite flexible, bendable, foldable, thin, tiny . Other than that, FFC cable is able to solve electronmagnetic interference. This is a new form of data cable which is made of insulated materials and thin tin-plating flat copper by means of prodution pressing via high technology automatization devices.

Now cable manufactuers offer custom FFC cables for customers right according to their specific requirements on some technical parameters like numbers of wires, normal pitches and so on.



Why is LVDS wire cable given warm reception?

For the time being, in the booming electronic industry, particularly in portable and mobile devices, such as tablet and notebook computers, as well as mobile phones, there is a growing tendency to decrease the supply voltage in order to save power and reduce unwanted emitted radiation.

Nevertheless, such a low supply voltage causes problems with signaling since it reduces the noise immunity. The corresponding solutions to these problems ever caused by low supply voltage can be virtually solved by differential signaling which is designated to help to reduce these problems. On account of high noise suppression, it gives twice noise imunity of a single-ended system for a given supply voltage. Therefore, by this way can differential signaling help them out.

At the end of the LVDS screen wire cable connection, the receiver reads the difference between the two signals. Since the receiving part ignores the cable’s voltages with respect to ground, small changes in ground potential between transmitter and receiver have no influence on the receiver’s ability to detect the signal. As a result, the LVDS cable is quite capable of reliable signal transfer. This technology is based on ANSI/TIA/EIA-644LVDS interface standard.

In most large electronic manufacturers who usually cooperate with some electronic cable suppliers, the technical staff there often attach great importance on the practical function of the cables and the convenient assembly of cables. Because they take large quantity production into consideration. That is to say, if they can handle this LVDS screen cable well, they can save much more time for assembly and cut the excessive cost for production.

Fresh FPC Available—Witness the Improvement

FPC, namely abbreviated for flexible printed circuit, is actually inclined to show its significance in application so widely. FPC can be generally found in almost all frequently-seen electronic products, such as computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, PDA, LCM and so forth.

Precisely, FPC cable acquires high density, high reliability and high durability to implement its basic functions. FPC accomplishes high speed circuit transmission. Furthermore, there are efforts under way to improve the FPC cable comprehensive performance.

FPC is quite well-known for its flexbility. Aside from that, it is light and thin, bendable and foldable. Thanks to such unique figure, FPC can be set to any possible assembly appropriately. Moreover, FPC’s waterproof, shakeproof and heat resistance also dazzles people.

Manufacturers, as usual, process FPC cable with gold immersion and gold & tin plating techniques. Now FPC can be totally customized according to specific requirements on parameters.

Sanyo 42CE536LED Full HD 3D TV Shows off its New Wire Cables

Sanyo Japan is a great enterprise with a 60 year history, however, Sanyo is a subsidiary to Panasonic. With Panasonic’s techinical tradition, Sanyo is going to be a rising star.

Sanyo 42CE536LED reveals its mysterious veil in an exhibition held in Tokyo. Sanyo 42CE536LED inherits the good quality of its own system.

Sanyo 42CE536LED has a 42 inch screen, with a 1920*1080 resolution, and Sanyo supports 1080p full HD 3D format, with a screen ratio 16:9. The size of the TV: 970×592×55mm, besides, there is a X-VIZON digital process engine.

All the appearance design , audio visual effect, and intelligent automation have been leading in the same industry.

” Thanks to a newly design LVDS screen cables,we controled the thickness of the screen, and the LVDS is easy to assemble, has good transmission capability “, said an engineer Chiwa Jiripan. Exactly, a newly design LVDS has been adopted in the TV screen for it’s thin and durable. This advanced cables save space for the screen.

Sanyo 42CE536LED Full HD 3D TV, configured with advanced application and beautiful aspect, is definitely a rising star in the TV market.

LVDS Screen Wire Cables Give More Reliable Transmission

Xinda is also engaged in LVDS screen wire cables, namely a type of wire cables with Low-Voltage Differential Signaling for transmission in TV and computer screen connection. LVDS wire cables demonstrate more instrumental techniques.

The wire cables acquire quite reliable signal transission by integrated to system-level IC; More than that, the wire cables show a kind of lower than 2V electrical power and voltage compatibility. More specific, it doesn’t emit much noise with its strong noise suppression.
The product data speed ratio ranges from several hundred Mbps to 2Gbps by LVDS technology. By studying the LVDS wire cable’s theory further, we can find that the reception port output turns 1, coversely 0 then, when putting a load at the reception port the gain voltage and current flow by forward direction. And his is driven by electrical current virtually.

With the swing ranges from 250mv-450mv, this technology is generally based on ANSI/TIA/EIA-644LVDS interface standard.

LVDS screen wire cables can be generally used in LED TV and computer LCD monitor products. The LCD looks flat, smooth and soft. The design is simple and makes you feel comfortable. For the LVDS screen cable the LCD connects with, is especially customized for this computer’s LCD screen. The LVDS screen cable perfectly matches the style of the LCD in size, pattern and color. The tiny LVDS cable transfers good signal for the output from the computer.

By high-class thermoprint, TV manufacturers make the shell and frame for the living room sytle TV. Other than a good-looking design for the appearance and frames mostly, the cables used in the circuits have also been upgraded. The new LVDS screen cables enable the TV to transfer signal more precisely and more stably.

Those Who Sow in Tears Will Reap a Smile–See What Endeavor Brings to Chinese Electronic Engineers

All over East Asia, there’s been always a noticeable phenomenon that Japan is the best at high class electronic products while China earns its fame for manufacturing electronic components in great quantity. However, time has changed everything when a great number of great Chinese enterprises emerged. These enterprises have their trump cards on hand, to be more specific, they have top electronic products in the fields of televison, computer, cellphone, camera, office equipments etc.

Under great pressure from the competition with Japan and South Korea, China keeps striving for the research and development of high-tech products. Meanwhile, China never gives up on the great market of electronic components manufacturing.

“Our new generation of waterproof enclosures have more reliable quality, higher level of protection and margin of safety,” stated by a Chinese electronic engineer in an East Asia Industrial Engineer Exchange Meeting with great pride. We can read the irreplaceable happiness and superiority of a man when he accomplishes his item he loves.

“The new enclosures act better in waterproof and dustproof,” added by the Chinese engineer. This exchange meeting gathers almost all top talented high-tech electronic engineers from all sizes of electronic component manufacturers in Asia. They probe into the future potentials and the development tendency of plastic waterproof enclosure, aluminium-made enclosure, ABS-made enclosure and other important electronic components.

In many manufacturing factories in China, they offer customization design and manufacturing services and solutions. They can assure both the quality and functions of products, and manufacture enclosures as per required specification by customers.

Chinese electronic engineers finally made it! China has proved to be more superior in designing, function and durability developing and production throughput than any other Asian country.

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