Xinda FFC Cables– Design and Customize Models for Exclusive Use

As attention has been paid to numerous dramatic new office electronic equipment launch events, Xinda flexible flat cable naturally provokes applause in the line of business.

The PET insulative material coupled with razor-thin tinplating flat copper wire, hugely spur progess on FFC’s connection and assembly. Conceivably, the bendable, foldable tiny flexible flat cable’s attendance has received great popularity.

It’s pretty incredible that flexible flat cable shrinks a lot so as to meet the demand of precise layout in newly-designed electronic products.

Traditional invariable specification on FFC is now displaced as there are efforts under way to designate custom length, pin contact, pitch and other relevant parameters on customer’s desired FFC.

There are voices down there that decidedly emphasize the importance of Xinda flexible flat cable’s innovation and secure application. See to the print head and mainboard connection in printers, as well as other products’ signal transmission, among which board to board connection is also involved.

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