LVDS Screen Wire Cables Give More Reliable Transmission

Xinda is also engaged in LVDS screen wire cables, namely a type of wire cables with Low-Voltage Differential Signaling for transmission in TV and computer screen connection. LVDS wire cables demonstrate more instrumental techniques.

The wire cables acquire quite reliable signal transission by integrated to system-level IC; More than that, the wire cables show a kind of lower than 2V electrical power and voltage compatibility. More specific, it doesn’t emit much noise with its strong noise suppression.
The product data speed ratio ranges from several hundred Mbps to 2Gbps by LVDS technology. By studying the LVDS wire cable’s theory further, we can find that the reception port output turns 1, coversely 0 then, when putting a load at the reception port the gain voltage and current flow by forward direction. And his is driven by electrical current virtually.

With the swing ranges from 250mv-450mv, this technology is generally based on ANSI/TIA/EIA-644LVDS interface standard.

LVDS screen wire cables can be generally used in LED TV and computer LCD monitor products. The LCD looks flat, smooth and soft. The design is simple and makes you feel comfortable. For the LVDS screen cable the LCD connects with, is especially customized for this computer’s LCD screen. The LVDS screen cable perfectly matches the style of the LCD in size, pattern and color. The tiny LVDS cable transfers good signal for the output from the computer.

By high-class thermoprint, TV manufacturers make the shell and frame for the living room sytle TV. Other than a good-looking design for the appearance and frames mostly, the cables used in the circuits have also been upgraded. The new LVDS screen cables enable the TV to transfer signal more precisely and more stably.

Those Who Sow in Tears Will Reap a Smile–See What Endeavor Brings to Chinese Electronic Engineers

All over East Asia, there’s been always a noticeable phenomenon that Japan is the best at high class electronic products while China earns its fame for manufacturing electronic components in great quantity. However, time has changed everything when a great number of great Chinese enterprises emerged. These enterprises have their trump cards on hand, to be more specific, they have top electronic products in the fields of televison, computer, cellphone, camera, office equipments etc.

Under great pressure from the competition with Japan and South Korea, China keeps striving for the research and development of high-tech products. Meanwhile, China never gives up on the great market of electronic components manufacturing.

“Our new generation of waterproof enclosures have more reliable quality, higher level of protection and margin of safety,” stated by a Chinese electronic engineer in an East Asia Industrial Engineer Exchange Meeting with great pride. We can read the irreplaceable happiness and superiority of a man when he accomplishes his item he loves.

“The new enclosures act better in waterproof and dustproof,” added by the Chinese engineer. This exchange meeting gathers almost all top talented high-tech electronic engineers from all sizes of electronic component manufacturers in Asia. They probe into the future potentials and the development tendency of plastic waterproof enclosure, aluminium-made enclosure, ABS-made enclosure and other important electronic components.

In many manufacturing factories in China, they offer customization design and manufacturing services and solutions. They can assure both the quality and functions of products, and manufacture enclosures as per required specification by customers.

Chinese electronic engineers finally made it! China has proved to be more superior in designing, function and durability developing and production throughput than any other Asian country.

Tsinghua Tongfang Super Young S97-B001 Serves the Society with World-class Technology

Tsinghua Tongfang is a widely known great brand of computer products. With their persistence in obtaining world-class quality on their products, Tsinghua Tongfang is determined to offer serives with top technology sincerely.

In 2006, Tsinghua Tongfang cooperated with the greatest IT association, CompTIA, namely Computing Technology Industry Association. Since they claimed their collaboration, they have been working together on IT high-tech.

At the beginning of this year, Tsinghua Tongfang showed a new product, Tongfang Super Young S97-B001 in an East Asia Computer Product Exhibit held in Osaka. This is a business office desktop computer with a Windows 8 operation system, 64 bit Intel Core i5 3470(3.2GHz/L3 6M) processor, 4 GB memory, 1000 GB hard disk and an nVIDIA GeForce GT 620 discrete graphics card. As for the monitor, it’s a 23.6 inch wide screen LCD with 1920×1080 HD resolution.

Tsinghua Tongfang set their goal as Obtaining world-class quality on their products. Hence, Tongfang people make great effort in products development, manufacture, sale and services with their earnest devotion. As far as the Super Young S97-B001 is concerned, aside from the configuration, Tongfang demands higher requirements on the appearance design, materials, components and cables possibly. Likewise, they adopted new circuit connectors which acellerates the data transmission speed and does good to the whole operation of the computer.

Tsinghua Tongfang try to surpass their old achievements and implement 3 big strategies as branding, collectivization and internationalization by modern enterprise management system.

What kind of help do outdoor workers really need?

According to national regulation, employers have to pay workers allowance for high temperature under the circumstance that they arrange workers to work outdoors in hot weather( the maximum daily temperature reaches 35℃ or above) and that they are not able to reduce the temperature to less than 33℃.

Here is a piece of negative news about allowance for high temperature below:

In some working site in the city, although it’s against the law to schedule the work under such terribly hot weather, the employers force workers to continue for fear that they might fail the time limit for the project. The next thing is, some workers went down even they took heatstroke pills.

A senior doctor from local Armed Police Force Hospital makes an announcement that outdoor workers must take good care of themselves, they should take precautionary measures to keep off the burning sun, keep ventilation and keep interval rest.

More and more engineers and technical workers use simple protective devices which puts them in danger during their work outdoors.

In order to solve such problems, engineering device manufacturers develop a kind of convenient measuring instrument which is covered and protected by a unique portable instrument shell. With this shell, workers can feel free to use the measuring instrument precisely and safely under all kinds of bad weather or poor circumstances.

It’s wise for workers to quit the complicated and dangerous simple devices they used to carry. Now they only have to operate the measuring devices with their hands.

Virtually, national regulations and laws can stop unfair, illegal and unsafe operation for outdoor work. But somehow, workers still suffer the dangerous work in order to get paid. Nonetheless, if we can change the difficulties of the outdoor work itself by high technologies, things will turn out fine for outdoor workers. I think this is what outdoor workers need the society to help them.

Robot Toys becomes a Trend in the Future Toy Intelligentization

As New York’s media reported, intelligent robot toys are gradually becoming a trend in the future toy intelligentization for children. During a Toy exhibit held in Britain, the brilliant Robot Mip, Robot Bo & Yana and Ozobot Mini sensor Robot showed up for the first time, and received a lot of attention.

Robot Mip WowWee has great self-adjusting balanced capacity. It has a motion inductor, a gorgeous design and smooth surface.

Robot Bo & Yana Play-i, with a simplified visual programming app which enables children to control the robot. Moreover, if install more accessories, the robot can turn into a good helper in daily activities.

Ozobot Mini sensor Robot, operators can play the game ” You draw I walk” which means that Ozobot can recognize the line from electronic screen or paper and walk along the designated line.

The three characteristic and powerful top intelligent toys all apply a new kind of membrane switch. The newly-developed membrane switch succeeds in solving problems concerning the insensiveness and faults of switches. Furthermore, membrane consolidates the operation and durability.

The continuous presence of intelligent robot toys in all children toy magazines reveals the latest trend of children toys home and abroad.

Xinda FFC Cables– Design and Customize Models for Exclusive Use

As attention has been paid to numerous dramatic new office electronic equipment launch events, Xinda flexible flat cable naturally provokes applause in the line of business.

The PET insulative material coupled with razor-thin tinplating flat copper wire, hugely spur progess on FFC’s connection and assembly. Conceivably, the bendable, foldable tiny flexible flat cable’s attendance has received great popularity.

It’s pretty incredible that flexible flat cable shrinks a lot so as to meet the demand of precise layout in newly-designed electronic products.

Traditional invariable specification on FFC is now displaced as there are efforts under way to designate custom length, pin contact, pitch and other relevant parameters on customer’s desired FFC.

There are voices down there that decidedly emphasize the importance of Xinda flexible flat cable’s innovation and secure application. See to the print head and mainboard connection in printers, as well as other products’ signal transmission, among which board to board connection is also involved.

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