SMK launched capacitive touch screen surface for automotive


Japanese SMK company announced the development of an electrostatic capacity type touch-screen surface “CapSleek Touch” March 8, 2016, has begun to accept orders. The new products are the upper and lower two thin film electrode film / film (F1F) type, support surface cover. By using the transparent conductive sensor (ITO) film, it can be together in a vacuum environment to prevent the generation of bubbles, and the injection molding resin surface cover panel. Cover using a transfer molding technology, high degree of freedom in-mold decoration. The radius of curvature of the cover (R) 700, the curvature of the other products can also be customized.

Transmission rate of up to 88% (when affixed with optical film), the minimum reflectance of 9% (affixed with an optical thin film). Support handwriting input, the workload is 0N. Operating temperature range is -30 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃, storage temperature range of -40 ℃ ~ + 95 ℃. Contemplated for use in car navigation systems, car console, home appliances, commercial equipment.

In the capacitance-type touch screen aspect, SMK has introduced G2 is composed of a glass composed, OGS (One Glass Solution), the two glass glass / glass (G1G), F1F several products from the two thin film of the series . This time, the company hopes to launch the product surface, the expansion of product lines. Philippines factory plans to produce 100,000 units (converted by 7 inches) capacity for production.

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