The Function and Solution of Robot FFC Cable

Robot FFC cable is a simple structure flexible board. Usually the materials are substrate, transparent plastic, copper foil, protective film and transparent plastic. The foil is subjected to a process such as etching to obtain the desired circuit, and the protective film is to be drilled to expose the corresponding pads. After cleaning, combined by rolling and then plated at the exposed pad portion Gold or tin. General also stamping into the corresponding shape of the small circuit board. Now, many products used the cable, because the cable can be twists and turns, in the printer, mobile phones, notebooks and many other products.

The type of robot FFC cable:
1, single panel
The use of single-sided PI copper plate material in the line after the completion of a layer of protective film, forming a single-layer conductor only a flexible circuit board.
2, ordinary double panel
The use of double-sided PI board deposited copper material in the double-sided circuit is completed, the two sides were added with a protective film, as a double conductor with a circuit board.
3, the substrate to generate a single panel
The use of pure copper foil material in the circuit process, respectively, in the two sides of each layer plus a layer of protective film, as a single-layer conductor, but in the circuit board has a conductor on both sides of the exposed circuit board.
4, the substrate to generate double-sided
A double-sided conductor circuit board having a two-layer, one-sided PI-plated copper material material is bonded to each other at a specific position to form a double-sided conductor circuit board in a localized region, A circuit board with high flexural properties.


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