To see the big: Darlox FPC application tape solution

With the popularization of modern technology and common people, high-tech products are gradually penetrating into our lives such as mobile phones, tablet PCs. With the handsets it is easily reading emails, GPS navigation, live voice and video, listening to music, watching movies. All these bringing great convenience and fun to our work and life. Everyone feels bad that on the day without these electronic devices.

Therefore,producers are trying best to make their products more sophisticated and portable. Through the application of the flexible circuit board, it is possible to realize the fine work inside the electronic equipment while ensuring the excellent operation of the small space work.

Compared with the traditional resin circuit board, the flexible circuit board (FPC) not only has a high degree of reliability, but also has the advantages of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness, less wiring space restriction and high flexibility Many characteristics, and therefore in the current field of electronic equipment production has an important position.

However, the application of small space for FPC bonding technology put forward very high requirements, to ensure the normal operation of the flexible circuit board at the same time, need to ensure that the bonding is safe and reliable, especially the surface FPC bonding and conductive properties of FPC adhesive Pick up Tesa offers a wide range of functional solutions for different FPC applications in the electronics industry, including:

Conductive Bonding Solutions: FPC grounding and shielding to avoid the possibility of short circuits and noise from various battery disruptions (EMI) in small spaces; FPC conductive bonding applications requiring a reflow (SMT) process.

Tapestry conductive tapes are available in a wide choice of substrates and thicknesses, including single-sided and double-sided tapes, such as non-woven tapes, woven tapes, and foam tapes. Under high temperature and humidity conditions, the products have excellent XYZ direction conductivity, high adhesion under harsh environment conditions, and have very good removability.

Narrow area of the structural bonding: In the smallest bonding position or bending area, the use of high-performance HAF tape FPC bonding, the product has excellent high temperature and chemical solvent resistance.

Ferrite sheets are widely used in the wireless charging of consumer electronics such as cell phones and can provide circuits for the sympathetic magnetic field through high magnetic flux. Fu posted a reliable adhesive tape to ensure the efficiency of wireless charging and safe use.

FUNCTIONAL Bonding: FPC bonding with anti-rebound bending properties (eg, reliable bonding of FPC antenna to curved case) and FPC bonding before SMT process.


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