Why Apple iPhone To use EL panel

In general, the advantages of the liquid crystal panel substitution with an organic EL panel comprising: (1) without backlight and the optical film can realize a thin, lightweight, low power; (2) the use of a resin substrate, is not easily broken; (3 ) a high degree of freedom of shape, easily bent; (4) can be folded, and the like.

(1) thin, lightweight, low power consumption, and depending on the display image, the LCD panel power consumption is more dominant. However, if, as the Samsung Galaxy, as based on the use of black background screen display design, (although there are additional conditions, but) the power consumption of the organic EL panel will be substantially reduced. In the night sky of the Milky Way Galaxy inspired concept is impressive. However, it is hard to imagine that Apple will mimic Samsung’s concept. Of course, if in the future find a very high luminous efficiency of organic EL material, the organic EL panel in power consumption also will take advantage.

With regard to (2), as compared with the liquid crystal panel, an organic EL display easier to use a resin substrate. From smartphones whole, although the touch panel surface protective layer or glass, but obvious benefit is the display section of the substrate is not broken.

About (3), the LCD screen while bending, the thickness of the liquid crystal layer becomes different from the optical path within the optical film will change, leading to image degradation. One typical use curved screen smart phone is able to display the front and side of the Samsung “Galaxy S6 edge”. However, Samsung is still hard to imagine that Apple will mimic the concept.

About (4), Samsung may pioneered foldable smartphone. In this case, iPhone will be other people’s footsteps. Imagine Apple will do so.

This point of view, it is only “thin, lightweight”, “display board will not be broken,” “possible to achieve low power consumption,” several of the. Although very important, but if you want a new iPhone charm, still a little lacking impact, there is this feeling more than I should be a man now.

In addition, the organic EL LCD screen is also not as good as places such as screen resolution. Aspect LCD screen with a resolution of more than 500ppi products already in mass production, prototype has been done 800ppi. The organic EL panel has not been implemented on the RGB three-color light-emitting materials such fine patterning. The current practice is to try to make the image degradation obvious change pixels, or ignore the power consumption, using a combination of color filters and the white organic EL manner, so as to be close to the resolution of the liquid crystal. But to solve the problem fundamentally, but also innovative technology.

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