Wireless charging principle Detailed

Smartphones that support wireless charging are available from around the summer of 2011. Any handset device can use the global standard “Qi” specification. Parking can be charged EV (electric car) with the charging system.


Wireless charging has been in the electric toothbrush, electric shavers, wireless phones and other parts of household appliances in the practical, and now its scope of application has expanded to the field of smart phones.

At present, most of the smartphones and chargers that support wireless charging on the market are in line with the “Qi” specification developed by the industry-based “Wireless Charging Alliance (WPC)” in the United States.

Wireless charging methods include “magnetic resonance” and “radio reception” and other means, Qi is used “electromagnetic induction”. By achieving standardization, as long as it is with Qi logo products, any handset device can be charged.

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